How To Shoot Videos While Travelling

By Tanushree De03 Dec 2018, 13:40 IST

Travelling these days is not just about being in the moment but shooting as many videos and pictures as possible to relive those moments with your family and friends year after year. We all consider ourselves as experts in travel photography yet sometimes our efforts fall flat and the opportunity to capture that special moment is lost. Imagine watching the Eiffel Tower lit up for the first time and having a poorly shot video of the same that ruins your experience. Sad, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry as we have the perfect three hacks for you that will help you in making awesome travel videos that you can enjoy forever.

Shoot From A Low Angle

Whenever you are shooting something, do so from a low angle. It helps you to get a wide-angled video, a wider picture and it makes your video very amazing to see.

Movement Matters

Either move your camera in a cinematic way or do not move it at all. For a cinematic way, move it from side to side, upwards or downwards and backwards or forward. Also ensure that while filming the video, you pick up a focal point or subject and keep your camera very steady to avoid a jerky mess of visuals. Avoid walking or running and keep your movements graceful or it may just look like a drunkard shot the video!

Keep The Flow

While compiling the video, synchronisation is really important. One of the important video shooting hacks, this requires you to keep the moving shots together and the still shots together and never mixing the two. Also, while moving from the chunk of moving shots to the still shots, keep a nice transition effect in between.

Keep in mind these hacks to shoot travel videos that will be a hit on social media and a perfect reminder of beautiful memories you made while travelling.