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Weekly Numerology Prediction: 27th March To 2nd April 2022

What does the coming week have in store for birth numbers 1 to 9? Read your numerology prediction. 
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Published -27 Mar 2022, 11:00 ISTUpdated -27 Mar 2022, 00:20 IST
weekly numerology prediction main

With the new week all set to mark its beginning, here's how the stars are aligned for you. Read on your weekly numerology prediction as provided by Dr. Madhu Kotiya, Tarot mentor, Numerologist and Vastu Expert to plan for days ahead.

Number 1 

This week you will manage in balancing challenges and blessings with ease. You will be full of life this week. The negativity in the past is dissolved. Spending money on medical tests, for better living is on the cards. On the career front, you have some plans in your mind. It could be a change of job or starting a new venture or any other thing that enhance your liability. Even if things have been lousy in your job for the last few months, there is cause for hope and positive anticipation. In terms of love, you are ready to start something new. If you are in a committed relationship, there’s something positive on the cards.

Lucky number: 3

Lucky colour: Pink

Lucky day: Sunday

Number 2

weekly numerology prediction march april

This week you will feel lost due to work overload. You should be alert physically and mentally. Listen to the voice of your body. Nurture it, care for it and feed it with natural food. Avoid junk and oily food. You have to give up all the bad habits. On the work front, you may be moving to a new position or a new set of responsibilities. Promotion, hike in salary or business profit is on the cards. You feel at ease on the financial level. Expansion plans in business could be materialized this week. This is a good week for students.  On the personal front, something undesirable occurs on an emotional level. You may lose your cool of mind in a strenuous relationship.

Lucky number: 12

Lucky colour: Peach

Lucky day: Tuesday

Number 3

This week you need to be strict and draw a line in certain matters. No compromise should be made on the health front. Direct or indirect spiritual influence is needed to bring balance in life. Your casual attitude in health matters may result in some seasonal diseases. Be cautious of cold, cough, constipation, bowel syndrome and overweight related problems. On the professional front, the situation is getting better and stronger for you. You are ready to take any type of challenge. You are creative and very enterprising. If you have applied for a job, you may get an interview call this week. Shifting or change of office or home is likely. In love relations, a better understanding between you and your partner is indicated. Allow your partner to have his or her space.

Lucky number: 18

Lucky colour: Silver

Lucky day: Wednesday

Number 4

Value your health and give it a priority. Count your blessings. Your health may not be all as good as you would like it to be, but it is better than that of many other people. Be grateful for what you have. Career-wise, you must not impose restrictions on yourself. Be careful in your communication. If you bent upon thrusting your suggestions down somebody’s throat, don’t get surprised if she or he rebels. Arguments and conflicts are on the cards which will go against you. On the personal front, make peace with someone, who seems to be against you. There is a need for liberating the mind and reconnecting with the heart. You need to reintroduce trust and find a way of freeing yourself from suspicion, and jealousy.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky colour: Purple

Lucky day: Friday

Number 5

numerology predict march april

This week you need a break. Have some time of your own to come out of the monotonous schedule. If you’re waiting on results from a test, you are likely to be celebrating favourable news. You may take spirituality as a stress buster and lead a healthy life. This is the right time to get involved in Yoga and meditation. Good news awaits this week on the career front. Someone’s advice will come in handy in tackling a complicated issue. You may be tempted to take on more duties and responsibilities. On the personal front, you might be having some doubts about the issues regarding the ancestral property. Discuss them with someone you trust in the family. Getting worried about children’s future, their studies, marriage, and expenses are on the cards.

Lucky number: 15

Lucky colour: Sky Blue

Lucky day: Thursday

Number 6

This week you will feel hale & hearty with an abundance of energy and vitality. You are very much focused, concentrated and know what you want from life. You are smart enough to bring balance between your professional and personal commitments too. On the work front, leaving nothing pending at work will be in your favour. If you have started a new business or job recently, this may cause some worry in your mind. Ask questions and practice active listening to make sure that you and your co-workers understand each other perfectly. Relationship-wise, expect to harmonize your bonding with someone who had offended you in the past. Love blooms and so will you. Happiness, contentment in all relations is on the cards.   

Lucky number: 19

Lucky colour: White

Lucky day: Tuesday

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Number 7  

In terms of health, you need to be practical. Listen to the body, and not the heart. You must change your food habits or craving for sweet food. You need more exercise, nutritional education to improve your health. At work, something planned meticulously is likely to take off smoothly if you go with the flow. Be cautious in your verbal communication. Face the challenges with a cool mind. Your ability to logic and reasoning are giving you full benefits in this week. On the personal front, feel free to express your feelings. If you have some loving words to say, say them now before it is too late. 

Lucky number: 8

Lucky colour: Magenta

Lucky day: Friday

Number 8 

weekly numerology  april to  march

A good news in terms of your health is on the cards. Those who are waiting for test results need to know that nothing so serious is indicated. You need a small course of medication to free yourself from the health problem you are suffering from. Increase intake of liquids, juices, and fibrous food in your diet. On the work front, new opportunities will be on the horizon making you hopeful about the future. Money inflow looks good this week. A prestigious assignment is yours if you play your cards right. On the relationship front, something may be troubling. Serious differences with spouse may take place. You can be stubborn when the circumstances demand but make an exception when your near and dear ones are involved.

Lucky number: 13

Lucky colour: Brown

Lucky day:  Saturday

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Number 9

This week you feel enthusiastic and adventurous to take life challenges with full spirit. You are on the right path on the health front. Your health concern is paying you rich dividends now. You feel very chirpy, vibrant, energetic, and full of life. Your positive mindset and cheerfulness will add charm to your personality. Work-wise, you take life easy with a positive mindset and stay focused on your work. Your mind and thoughts are in harmony. There are chances that others might take advantage of your efforts. Use your judgment, instead of blindly following orders to remain on the right track. On the personal front, great fun is in store. Your goodwill and reputation will pay you rich dividends.

Lucky number: 14

Lucky colour: Green

Lucky day: Thursday

We hope you have a great week ahead! For more such predictions, stay tuned!


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