Movies You Can Watch This Christmas With Your Kids

By Tanushree De24 Dec 2018, 20:47 IST

Christmas is the time to gift, eat, go shopping and have a great time with family. So watching the ultimate Christmas movies with your kids should definitely be on your list of activities. We bring you the best of the best movies centered around the holiday to keep your spirits up!

Home Alone

This classic Christmas movie is an all-time favourite of kids and adults alike. It tells the tale of a young boy Kevin who is left home alone during Christmas by his family and how he cleverly deals with two thieves who try to break into his home. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Ever heard of Santa Claus being kidnapped? Well, the protagonist of this Tim Burton movie tries doing exactly that, so enchanted he becomes by the Christmas celebrations. Jack Skellington is a creature from Halloween Town and this animated musical is all about his confusing adventures.


This Christmas comedy stars Will Ferrell in the role of a Buddy, a human who is raised among Santa’s elves. Upon learning his identity, he tries to find out about his biological father and ends up spreading the spirit of Christmas all around him.

The Polar Express

This movie is truly a visual delight and teaches all the values of friendship and benevolence associated with the festival. The animated fantasy movie shows Billy who finds it difficult to believe in Santa Claus and what happens as he goes on a magical journey to the North Pole.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch is a creature who hates Christmas but what happens when a six-year-old girl tries to convince him otherwise. Based on the classic Dr Seuss story, this movie stars the talented Jim Carrey in the role of the greedy, green Grinch and won an Oscar for best makeup.

And if you still want to watch movies with Christmas theme then don’t forget the Vinod Mehra and Sanjeev Kumar starrer Shaandar and sing the night away with the song Aata hai, aata hai, Santa Claus aata hai, ek hiran ki baghhi me geet sunata aata hai...