Five Essential Undergarments Every Woman Should Own

By Tanya Malik24 Aug 2018, 09:35 IST

Are you someone who doesn't really invest in undergarments? Well, it is really important to have the right undergarments in your wardrobe that go well with all your clothes. You just can't keep going on with one kind of undergarment for your entire closet. With time, our fashion sense has changed and so are its needs. Different attires today require different undergarments and we need to have them right to save us from embarrassing fashion crisis. Neha Kant, Founder of Clovia, one of the most popular online lingerie brands, shares the five essential garments that every woman should own:

Nude Bra

As working women, we have to wear a lot of whites and light colours. Nude bras work best with office formals. There is always a choice of picking from a padded or non-padded bra.

Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is more like a wardrobe hack than a wardrobe essential. It comes really handy for both Indian and Western dresses. It makes your life so easy when you need to go for attires where you need to hide your bra straps.

Light Padded Bra

Every girl's best friend, lightly padded bra is a must in your wardrobe. It is essential during monsoons and winters. It is what you can rely on to avoid the 'headlight effect'.  Also, it is great for everyday comfort wear. 

Transparent Back Bra 

The transparent back bra is needed for the times when we wear attires with a deep back. Be it keyholes or strappy backs, the bra goes well with all type of backs for both Indian and Western dresses. 

Sports Bra

Every girl must have a very nice and comfortable sports bra. You need a lot of support when you are active in fitness or sports. It offers you the much-required support and comfort that you need during those times. Padding or non-padding sports bra, it can be your choice.