Dos And Don'ts You Should Follow During Your Periods

By Tanya Malik28 May 2019, 10:16 IST

While you are on your periods, you need to keep a check on a lot of things. You must check what are the things you do and eat while you on your periods. There are certain things that you should avoid and things that you should follow. Nutritionist Natasha Kanade shared with us some important things to keep in mind during periods. Read along to know. 

To Follow

  • Keep a check on your diet during periods. Eat healthy vegetables and fruits. 
  • Do keep yourself hydrated. Drink loads of water through the day. Drink a glass of warm water as soon as you wake up. 
  • It is a myth that you can’t workout during your periods. You can! Make sure you hit the gym during your periods. 
  • Your body has certain nutritional requirements. Eat a good diet to ensure you are fueling your body with enough nutrition. 
  • Complete your 8 hours sleep everyday. 

To Avoid

  • Avoid eating greasy and oily foods during your menstrual cycle.
  • Don’t consume caffeine or alcohol during this time.
  • Try not to eat painkillers for your period pain. 
Producer – Rohit Chavan
Editor – Anand Sarpate