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Calm Conversations & Mutual Understanding Is The Trick To Teen Parenting

Teens can be a little tough to handle, so here are some parenting hacks that will definitely help you.
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Published -30 Sep 2021, 14:55 ISTUpdated -06 Oct 2021, 13:42 IST
parenting tips by madhu bir

Raising a child is not a piece of cake. Thousands of diapers, sleepless nights, being patient at all times and many more. It is mostly believed that once a child reaches teenage, the worst is over and you will finally get to sleep in and can give the child more independence. However, this is when you should be the most careful as teenagers tend to get rebellious which is the most difficult to handle.

So, if you also have a teenager in your house, then read ahead. As, here are some tried and tested tips that will come in handy while dealing with your teen kid.

Calm Conversations

Sometimes, things can get heated between teenagers and parents. At this moment, most parents resort to shouting and scolding their kids instead of talking to them about the problem. It is important to understand what your kid is going through and why he/she is acting out. At this age, emotions are close to the surface and arguing at this moment will only make things worse and build a gap between you and your kid. So, it is better to have a calm conversation with them in order to understand them better.

Teach them To Deal With Stress

madhu bir on parenting tips for teens

As parents we have our own set stress and think of stress as something that kids don’t often go through. However, kids do have to deal with stress. We should let them see us go through things and how we deal with them.

Not letting your children know that everyone has to deal with stress and anxiety will make them suffer in silence instead of sharing their problems. Show your problem solving techniques to them and help them deal with every curveball that life throws at them.

Tell Them The Truth

As a teenager has already started to set foot in the outside world without any shield, it is important to let them know the world works. They should be ready for anything life has for them. If there is a problem at home, then they should know how to feel empathy and should know how to handle future situations.

Set Privacy Boundaries

madhu bir on tips for parents

As your kids are growing, they also need privacy and as much as we would like to be involved in their lives and keep a check, it is important to give your teen kids some space. Closed doors don’t mean that they love you anymore, so don't take it personally.

Make Your House The Cool Hangout House

It might cost you sometimes, but making your house the one where all the teenagers can hangout will surely make your relationship stronger. First of all, you will know all the friends (which is a must at this age) and second of all, you will be surprised to see how your teenager is starting to open up to you.

Eat Together

It’s said right, “the family that eats together, stays together.” This is really simple and really important. This will make sure that you guys spend time together at least while eating together even if you are busy all day. Make this a habit since the start and trust me, there’s a lot that you guys will share on that dinner table.

Writer - Madhur Bir

(The author is a homemaker and a travel enthusiast who loves to teach underprivileged kids, cook for her loved ones and spread joy across)

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