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    Avoid Wearing These Things On An Airplane

    Know what not to wear on a plane to feel fashionable as well as comfortable.
    Published -04 Jul 2021, 12:00 ISTUpdated -03 Jul 2021, 16:30 IST
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    The rules for air travel are a bit different from the ground. When you are in an airplane for several hours that is flying 35,000 feet in the air, then comfort should be the first thing on your mind. Wear cosy clothes and you are more likely to look stylish than a traveler struggling in tight clothes or heels. To look your best and feel relaxed, avoid these fashion mistakes on a plane.

    Uncomfortable Shoes

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    This one is so obvious but still, there are some people who tend to forget this. A good pair of comfortable shoes will make it easier for you to move around without any difficulties. Apart from this, you wear your bulky pair of shoes while keeping your heels and sandals in the bag, then it can help you to waive off some luggage weight.

    Also, keep in mind to not wear complicated footwear with too many buckles or straps to the airport as you will need to take them off in the airport security line and the person behind you won’t be happy to wait 10 minutes just to see you wear your footwear.

    Tight Clothing

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    Sitting in the same position while wearing tight clothes can be extremely uncomfortable as well as dangerous blood clots can form in the veins. Therefore, you should avoid such clothing on airplanes that can restrict your blood flow.

    Fabrics That Don’t Breathe

    Stay away from fabrics that don’t breathe like nylon, polyester, or others as these sweat on the skin while it's hot along with preventing air circulation. You won’t feel fashionable or comfortable while sweating and this will also cause bad odour disturbing the other passengers.

    Complicated Clothing

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    Washrooms in an airplane are really small, therefore, it can get difficult if you are wearing tricky clothes like jumpsuits, or complicated dresses. Also, you should avoid long pants that may fall on the unsanitary floor of the bathroom. Managing your complicated clothes can also lead to the disaster of dropping your phone or wallet in the bathroom. Therefore, always wear simple clothes while traveling on a plane.

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    perfume avoid airport

    Avoid perfumes while travelling in a plane for the sake of your co-passengers. Some people may find it offensive or even suffer an allergic reaction to synthetic fragrances. Therefore, save your perfume (best perfumes under 2000 rupees) for when you land.

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    Offensive Or Inappropriate Clothing

    If you are confused as to what is inappropriate in a plane, then let me tell you that passengers have been removed from planes in the past for wearing low-cut dresses, baggy pants, t-shirts with offensive prints or quotes, and many more.

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    It is all up to the flight attendants to judge whether a passenger is wearing decent clothes or not. Therefore, avoid anything that may seem inappropriate.

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