One of the most important things a bride has to do before her wedding is to choose the right hairstyle. From floral buns to different kinds of braids, there are several hairstyles available for you to choose from.

You might think this as an easy and insignificant task, thus, leave it for the last. However, believe me, you should start planning early as your hair is an important part of your bridal look. Read ahead to know how to choose the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day.


Before you decide the final hairstyle, research thoroughly through every magazine, Pinterest boards, Instagram, Tumblr, browse through celebrity hairstyles and many more. You should also consult with other brides and most importantly your hairdresser. Hairdressers know what is in style and their experience will recommend the right hairstyle for you. To get the perfect look, don’t make hasty decisions and take your time to pick the best bridal hairstyle.

Think About Your Outfit

outfit right bridal hairstyle

The first thing people do is buy the outfit and think about the rest of the details according to it. Keep in mind the neckline, sleeves and other details of your outfit to choose the right hairstyle for you. If your outfit has a dramatic neckline, then you might want to go for a simple up do. However, if your dress is on the simple and elegant side, then you might want to go for a more playful look.

Book A Trial Appointment

If you don’t want to regret your look on the big day, then it is best to book an appointment. Rather than finding out on your wedding day that your desired hairstyle is not realistic, it is best to find it out on the trial day. Although, you won’t get the proper look but an idea is also better than nothing. If you want a better picture of yourself, then carry your outfit’s blouse along with you.

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Consider Your Hair Type

hairtype right bridal hairstyle

It is recommended to choose a hairstyle according to your hair type. Hair texture, thickness and length play an important role in choosing the right hairstyle. If you have thin hair, then you might not want to go for massive curls and if you have extra thick and frizzy hair, then you shouldn’t opt for pressing. You can also consider extensions if you want to add volume and thickness. Your stylist is the best person to have a conversation with regarding all these problems and they will suggest the finest option.

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accessory right bridal hairstyle

You can definitely add an accessory to your hair to enhance your look. However, if you are going for any kind of accessory like tiaras or maang-tikkas, then you might want to consider your hairstyle accordingly. These accessories can make or break your look but if you plan everything carefully, then there is no chance that your hairstyle won’t look the best.

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Weather is the most important thing that you should consider while choosing your bridal hairstyle. If you are going for an outdoor wedding on hot summer days, then you should definitely go for a bun or something that keeps your hair off your face and neck. However, if you have a winter wedding, then the world’s your oyster. You can experiment all you want without worrying about the weather (monsoon fashion trends).

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