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Tops With Statement Sleeves Under INR 500 That Can Jazz Up Your Wardrobe

Statement sleeves top for every woman to add to her wardrobe.
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -28 Jun 2022, 18:21 ISTUpdated -28 Jun 2022, 18:20 IST
Chic Statement Sleeves top

Statement sleeves are the new in-thing, and they can jazz up any look with ease.  It amps up blouses by embellishing the sleeves (think ruffles, different fabric) or playing with their shape (by adding volume, cut-outs, or extra length), which is related to the never-ending off-the-shoulder fad. With the drama that they exude, statement sleeves are a must-have trend right now. Many of these sleeves are a blast from the past with a modern twist. If you are confused about which one to pick, read on to find out about the trendiest statement sleeves in which you can rock:-

1. Leg of Mutton Sleeves

Mutton Sleeves

Image Courtesy: Shein India

Wearing sleeves like this is daring, yet fun! Due to the thick gathering of fabric around the shoulder and upper arm, which then tapers to a thin, tightly fitting end, these have a unique shape. Short ends  of mutton sleeves, which end in a tight fit above the elbow and provide a much more enhanced shoulder, are a short, stylized version of these sleeves that are currently quite popular. With a high neck, rectangular, sweetheart, or V-shaped neckline, these look their best. 

Available at ₹365.00 on Shein India.

2. Ruched Sleeves 

Ruched Sleeves

Image Courtesy: Myntra

Ruching is a method for adding gathered fabric on top of another piece to produce a ripple-like effect. These sleeves appear incredibly sophisticated, smart, and attractive. The loose fit is structured and dynamic at the same time, giving your entire ensemble a special sense of interest. These are adaptable and can work with wide and high necks and have full sleeves, 3/4th sleeves, half sleeves, or even sleeves that reach the elbow! 

Available at ₹455.00 on Myntra. 

3. Bishop Sleeves

Bishop Sleeves

Image Courtesy: Myntra

Bishop sleeves, which are obtained from the robes used by mediaeval bishops, have a classic appearance yet are anything but dull. They are usually full sleeves that collect at the wrist, typically in the shape of a cuff, and have a fluid, slightly fuller structure as we move to their bottom. With a thin and deep V-neckline, bishop sleeves appear incredibly lovely. If you wear the crop top version of this, it also gives off a sleek and elegant appearance. 

Available at ₹439.00 on Myntra. 

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4. Ruffles Sleeves

Ruffles Sleeves

Image Courtesy: Poshmark India

You will be taken back to the 1980s by these chic statement sleeves. Choose a pair of plain pants (How To Style Your Wide Leg Jeans And Pants) and let the traditional white top with ruffled sleeves do all the talking. For a classic style, you can choose a pair of large hoops. 

Available at ₹499.00 on Poshmark India.

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5. Flare Or Bell Sleeve

Bell Sleeve

Image Courtesy: Amazon

The "flare" or "bell" sleeve is a key fact of modern fashion trends. The bell sleeve has made a presence in the market for full sleeve tops for women's wear, from the highest of runways to the most economical high-street sales. It is crisp and fits well in the shoulder area before flaring out wide toward the wrist. The current bell sleeve has permeated several other subcultures and is now much more than just a component of the bohemian-hippie look. Bell sleeves have grown prominent in everything from elegant dresses to workplace shirts to ethnic wear.

Available at ₹449.00 - ₹479.00 on Amazon.

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