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    Melorra Senior VP Design Deepshikha Gupta On Top Jewellery Trends This Wedding Season

    In an interview with Deepshikha Gupta, Senior Vice President of Design at Melorra, an online jewellery retailer, we asked her about the latest jewelle...
    Updated at - 2022-12-06,17:10 IST
    jewellery trends this wedding season

    Jewellery shopping is one of the most vital aspects of weddings. The wedding trousseau is incomplete without jewellery. It not only accentuates the bridal outfits, but can also be a good investment for generations to come. In an exclusive chat with HerZindagi, Deepshikha Gupta, Senior Vice President of Design at Melorra, answers all your queries regarding bridal jewellery and the latest trends for this wedding season. 

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    Major Jewellery Trends 

    “Nowadays, brides like to keep it simple, yet stylish,” said Deepshikha Gupta. “Besides the wedding day statement look, there is a growing demand for lightweight, gold jewellery that women can wear with their daily wardrobe as well as on special occasions,” she said. More and more brides are going for jewellery that work beyond their wedding day and just does not stay in their cupboards for posterity.

    Bachelorette and cocktail parties are also seeing a change in jewellery types. “Women are opting for trendy jewellery instead of the chunky and conventional ones,” said Gupta. “The preferred rings for this season are cocktail rings. These rings and the classic solitaires can be paired with just about any party outfit.”

    Moreover, this season the trends are more towards layering, statement rings and delicate bracelets. “In case of necklaces, a deep V-neck can be paired with a longer neck piece and even stacking necklaces with longer neckwear is in,” she said. The trend of multi-layering necklaces has almost vanished, however this year it will be another significant pattern for the bridal fashion world. Motivated by the antiquated necklaces, multi-layered Maharani Jewellery, can easily help brides get the imperial look on the big day.

    Another category getting popular this year are choker necklaces. Combining a choker style necklace with a heavy Matha Patti is a classic style that is in vogue currently.

    choker necklace

    Tennis bracelets too are really high in demand and lend that refined appearance. “They are available in a variety of shapes such as triangles, squares, and circles and can be worn on one hand while wearing plenty of bangles on the other,” said Gupta.

    tennis bracelet

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    Precious Stones

    Gupta believes that precious and semi-precious stones and crystals have caught on trend as well and can add on to bridal glam. Some of the gemstones to go for during this wedding season are:

    Rose Quartz is timeless for both an intimate wedding or an extravagant one. It is the ideal choice for every occasion.

    Ruby also called the king of precious stones, and leader amongst all gems is dynamic and really catches the eye when set in gold.


    Amethyst looks classy and alluring in a ring, earring or necklace. It is generally reasonably priced, thus having the advantage of being more accessible in larger carat sizes.

    The contrast between emeralds and gold can make your jewellery stand out. 



    (Image Courtesy: Melorra)



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