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Fashion Elements That Can Give A 'Desi' Touch To Your Look!

Read how you can pair your Indian fashion elements with western wear to give yourself a 'Desi' look!
  • Riddhi Kaushik
  • Editorial
Published - 24 Jun 2021, 10:20 ISTUpdated - 24 Jun 2021, 23:52 IST
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We live in a time zone of fashion influencers, not designers. Nothing in this generation is permanent let alone fashion. One month Indian wear is in trend, while the other is all about baggy t-shirts and ripped jeans. In times like these, it does not make any sense to invest in expensive fashionwear. However, that mustn’t stop us from looking up to date right?

When opting for a slightly traditional look, instead of going out and buying new dresses here are a few fashion elements that will certainly make you look ‘desi’!

1Nose Ring

nose rings indian fashion one

Extremely trendy off late, nose rings, especially the middle ones can completely transform your look from a western to an Indian one!



jhumkas indian jewelry one

These big dangly earrings can give an Indian touch to absolutely anything that you wear. Even if you are wearing a black top and blue jeans, wear these jhumkas(earrings) and your ‘desi’ look is ready!



jooti indian traditional wear one

Let alone kurtis, wearing a jooti on denim will also qualify your look as traditional! Make sure they are colourful and vibrant. 



bindi inidan fashionwear one

Wear anything you wish to, and pair it with a big red or black bindi. While this may seem absurd, but those who pull it off look desi(Indian) even in their extremely videsi(western) outfits!



bangles indian traditional jewels one

They look extremely beautiful with any outfit. If you are pairing it with western wear, yet you want an Indian look, you can fill one hand with bangles and let the other one be as it is! This element is perfect to qualify your look as desi!


6Baju Band

bajuband arm band indian jewelry fashion one

You will be making a fashion statement if you walk out with a sleeveless top paired with an extremely traditional bajuband ( arm band) around your upper arm. 


7Finger Rings

finger rings desi indian look one

Rings are an important element in styling traditional jewelry. Even if you are wearing a western outfit, crowd your fingers with rings, and voila! Your quick desi look is ready!


8Junk Chokers

junk chokers indian fashion elements one

This has been a trend for quite some time now where fashion influencers pair junk jewels with western outfits and completely ace this partially Indian partially western look!

9Kamar Kand

kamar kand indian fashion one

Take a dress of your choice, preferably loose, and instead of wearing a belt, wear Kamar Kand(waist band). You will be a head-turner at the party!



shawl desi fashion elements one

This element will not only give your outfit a desi touch but make it look extremely traditional. No matter what you wear, just wear a beautifully embroidered shawl over it and there you have a perfect desi fashion miracle!