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These Dresses Will Help You Camouflage That Tummy

One of the best ways to hide a bulging stomach is to go for a high-rise dress!
dresses to hide big tummy

Many of us worry about tummies more than men are even actually concerned with. Studies suggest men like a bit of belly on their women. They find it natural and beautifully more appealing than looking at a pack of abs. If this opinion still wants you to hide your belly, here are some dresses you should try!

Wrap Dress

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Wrap dresses flatter on all body types, accentuating your curves from all the right angles. Distinguished by the slimmer fit on the top, the wrap-around will accentuate your bust area with a potential plunge. The front wrap will cinch in your waist which will give you a slimming effect while skimming over your tummy area.

This dress gives away the best look with a pair of heels. You can tie your hair in a messy bun or leave them open, as per the time of the event. 

Printed Dress 

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Don’t shy away from prints or patterns. They are a great way to bring an illusion to your look, distracting the focus from your stomach to the designs on your dress. 

A printed dress will help you hide many insecurities, not just about your belly fat. For somebody who loves a hint of vibrancy to their outfits, this is the best way to go! 

While styling yourself, make sure you don’t overdo it. Let 1 colour dominate the entire look, rather than going for 2 or 3 major colours. If you wish to bring vertically stripes to your outfit, you can as it gives an appearance of a taller torso. It is the width of the strips that could end up making you larger than you already are. 

Opt for stripes that are narrow and have frequent consistency. Wide stripes are what make you appear larger. 

If you find your outfit to have been taken over by strips, add an element of solid colour. Black and white make the best combination for an outfit like this! 

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Plunge Neck Dress 

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To part the eyes from the belly, you need to shift the focus to some other body part. The best place to shift the focus is your cleavage. It’s sexy and you can experiment with a lot of styles. 

Looking at the plunging neckline, you can find yourself resorting to this style of dress as it will shift the focus to your breasts. If you are insecure about your cleavage, you can layer your look with necklaces, but we would advise letting it show. 

While choosing a plunge dress, try opting for comfortable, breathable and free-flowing fabric. It will allow your dress to take the best shape possible, accentuating your curves. 

Maxi Dress 

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A maxi dress that lies just below your knee is the ideal type. It will help accentuate the curves on your body while giving your belly the camouflage you want. 

You can add a belt, that sits above your abdomen. It will give your chest a tight fit while giving the rest of the dress a free-flowing look. 

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A-Line Dress

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This style of dress allows a woman to feel confident and pretty, regardless of their size or height. Concealing your tummy, this dress smoothly expands to your bottom. This dress is best suitable for women with a pear or apple-shaped body.

You can wear an A-line dress like an everyday essential to your office or even your home. Most often it is knee-length, but due to the free bottom line, it does not look too short for plump women. It is also characterized by restrained decor and a minimum of unnecessary details.

It is a perfect dress for a picnic and you can pair the same with a hat and a sling bag made out of jute. 

Looking for more? You’ll find everything on HerZindagi! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on acing your everyday look! 


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