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    5 Thermal Sets For Women To Grab From Myntra, All Under ₹1500

    The winter season calls for keeping yourself warm with thermals and layers of woollens. Take a look at the options available on Myntra.  
    • Krati Purwar
    • Editorial
    Updated at - 2022-11-27,11:18 IST
    thermal sets for women from myntra under

    Thermals are essential in winter, especially if you live in the Northern part of India. The chilly winds can freeze you if you do not wear the appropriate amount of layers to keep your body warm. 

    When the temperature drops below 10°C, and you have to be out and about in the city, it is better to pack yourself than leave hair-width space for the wind to leave you shivering. 

    This article mentions thermal sets for women under ₹1500 from Myntra. Take a look before you shop.


    lux cotswool thermal set for women

    Image Courtesy: Myntra

    It is a brown thermal set for women from the stores of Lux Cottswool. It does not have a deep back, and the neckline in the front is in a V-shape. The top has full sleeves.

    The pants reach ankles and have elastic to ensure it does not feel loose around the hem. This set is made of wool and machine washable. It is perfect when you are travelling to hills and are not accustomed to chilly weather.

    Striped Pattern

    etc thermal set for women

    Image Courtesy: Myntra

    This thermal set is from the shelves of ETC. It has a sleeveless top with a round neck in the front and back. It is ideal if you do not want to add more layers to your hands. 

    The bottoms stretch to the ankles and have an elastic waistband. This set has a striped pattern, and the fabric is cotton. You can clean it in the washing machine.

    Three-Fourth Sleeves

    dollar ultra thermal set for women

    Image Courtesy: Myntra

    Dollar Ultra’s thermal set for women has lace around the round neckline of the top. It has three-fourths sleeves, which will not peek out of tops and shirts (oversized shirt). 

    The charcoal grey pants are mid-rise and ankle-length. Its material is a mix of cotton and polyester. The set is easy to clean in a machine. 

    Elasticated Waistband

    goversons paris beauty

    Image Courtesy: Myntra

    This white thermal set by Groversons Paris Beauty has a pant with an elasticated waistband. It stretches to the ankles. The top has quarter sleeves, and its length extends to the thighs. It has a deep round neck in the front as well as the back so that it does not peep from your top or sweater.

    The material of the set is a mix of cotton, polyester and viscose. It is machine washable, so you do not have to worry about cleaning it. 

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    Sleeveless Top

    kanvin thermal set for women

    Image Courtesy: Myntra

    The black thermal set for women by Kanvin comes with a sleeveless top. It has a deep round neckline to prevent it from showing off. The knitted pattern of the weave keeps the skin breathing and warm at the same time.

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    The fabric is made of polyester, cotton and modal. Pants extend to ankles, allowing you full coverage. You can wear them with jeans (how to style jeans) as well. The set is washable in the machine.

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