From Archana’s Sudden Eviction To Shalin-Tina’s Romance, 5 Top Bigg Boss 16 Moments

Here are the five most talked about moments from this season which include sudden evictions, light-hearted moments as well as brewing romances in the house.

Namrata Ganguly
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Though the 16th season of Bigg Boss is not receiving the expected TRP, it has continued to stir up controversies with violence, sudden evictions and contestants with controversial pasts.

Bigg Boss, the Hindi reality show that streams both on Colors TV and Voot app, has been mostly about controversies on the show and contentious contestants every season. Inspired by the Dutch reality television show Big Brother, the Hindi reality show is running its 16th season with actor Salman Khan as the host for the 13th time.

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Here are the five most talked about moments from this season which include sudden evictions, light-hearted moments as well as brewing romances in the house.

Archana’s Sudden Eviction

Among its many house rules, it has one strict rule- violence intolerance, breaking of which can land you in direct eviction. In this season, once again, Archana Gautam was suddenly evicted in the middle of the night for becoming aggressive with Shiv Thakare after being provoked by personal attacks.

However, following popular demands in and out of the house, show host Salman Khan has brought Gautam back in the house. It was also pointed out that Thakare intentionally provoked her and strategised her eviction.

Tina-Shalin’s Romance

As the season began, two of the most talked about contestants of the season have been television actors Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot. The latter has been accused of domestic violence and abuse by his former wife. However, there has been a romance brewing between the two in the show which received mixed reactions from the contestants as well as the audience. The duo have accepted and expressed their feelings for each other but also get into nasty fights time and again and drift apart. The audience seems to have a keen interest in the relationship.

Abdu Rozik And His Cuteness

Ever since the announcement of Tajikistani singer, Abdu Rozik’s entry in the show, fans took to social media to express their excitement. And he has not disappointed his fans either. He trended for weeks for his cuteness and cute videos and has also often been praised by host Salman Khan.

Sumbul’s Father’s Take On Her & Shalin’s Relationship

Several times Salman Khan, other housemates especially Tina Datta, as well as actor Sumbul Toqueer’s father have called out both Toqueer and Bhanot for their relationship. They have time and again mentioned that Toqueer has a liking which has turned into obsession for Bhanot. However, Bhanot chooses to ignore it and stays friends with her and keeps her close. This is portrayed wrongly due to their huge age gap. However, both of them have been denying it and choose to remain friends. Only time will tell where their friendship goes.

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There is a complicated relationship between the two actors Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta who have been co-stars in the television serial Udaariyaan and have been fans’ favourite. While Choudhary is very vocal and open about her feelings, Gupta is too reserved and fails to express his emotions. Time and again Salman Khan have questioned their relationship but all in vain. However, whenever Gupta chooses to express his feelings for Choudhary through his actions such as always sticking by her side and making up for it if she is angry, fans love it.

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