Love Blogging? Here's How You Can Make A Career In It

By Mohammad Ashraf06 Dec 2018, 14:59 IST

Looking for career options in blogging? Here’s what you can do. If you like to write or capture pictures, or you like to give advices to your colleagues, blogging would be a good career option for women. How do you start your career in the blogging industry? Well, the first step is to write, write and write more. Niluuffer Jain, founder of The Happy Career Project, is giving some useful tips:

The first and foremost thing when you start your career in the blogging industry is to know your audience. Think about what you want to share? What do you want to write about and how you can make it more appealing for the audience? Let’s see. If you want to write about travelling, then talk about the cuisine, culture, people and places. Plus where all to stay and things a tourist may not even know about. 

Second thing is to write, so when you write you should not only write once in a while, but write more often. You have to create engaging content, which people would want to read, learn from and take your advice and apply it on to their daily lives. Therefore, you need to create a real relationship. You need to be writing daily, if it’s possible or often maybe 4-5 times in a week. 

Organise your content, use a lot of tabs, bookmarks, wherein people can easily access, complimentary ideas and content. After that, diversify your skill set. Use visually appealing images with your content and make it a fluid website. This will help people to navigate, understand and learn more what you are writing about. 

Last but not the least; establish your credibility as blogger. Go for industry based events, network with your peers, and contribute as a guest to different paid and unpaid platforms. You can use platforms such as medium to go global and international with your content. Keep these important points in mind before starting your career as blogger.