How To Do Milk Cleanup: 3 Easy Steps To Beautiful, Glowing Skin

By Tanya Malik06 Oct 2019, 12:15 IST

Do you know milk is a great natural ingredient for your skin? A lot of us have milk because of its high calcium content and makes our bones stronger. Many don't know that using milk on the skin can be really beneficial.

Here, we share with you a milk cleanup video. You can cleanse your face using milk. 

Milk Cleanup Steps:

1. Cleansing - You just need raw milk and cotton pads to clean your face. This will remove any dirt from your face and prevent skin problems like acne.

2. Scrubbing - Mix 1 tsp rice flour and milk and apply on face. Scrub well to deep cleanse your skin. 

3. Face Pack - You just need orange peel powder and milk to prepare this pack. Apply and wash off as it dries.