burning feet main


Best Home Remedies For Burning Feet

If you have a burning sensation in your feet then these home remedies may help you out. 

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ayurvedic tips for pregnancy m


Expert Approved Ayurvedic Tips For Pregnancy And Smooth Delivery

Moms-to be, here are some important Ayurvedic tips that you should know in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery.

ear infections m


Some Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Ear Infection

Are you having trouble or pain around your ear? This could be a sign of an ear infection, take a look at the following home remedies to fight it off.

malignant moles m


How To Know Whether Your Moles Are Malignant Or Benign

Are you worried if your moles are malignant? Here are some factors that you must take a note of in this case.

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period headache treatment


What Is Period Headache And How To Cure It

A lot of women experience headache before, after or during their menstrual cycle. 

benefits relaxing bath main


How To Have A Bath To De-Stress, Its Benefits

These reasons will make you want to take an indulgent, relaxing bath with tips to take it the right way. 

losing weightmain


Here Are Some Practical Tips To Lose Weight Quickly

Losing weight can be difficult but if done correctly nothing is impossible to achieve. Read on to know about some effective tips to lose those extra kilos easily.

tips to prevent late night cravings


Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal Shares 3 Easy Tips To Prevent Late Night Snacking

Have a habit of snacking late at night while watching your favourite TV show? Here is how you can prevent it. 

face fat main


The Ultimate Guide to Lose Face Fat With 21 Home Remedies, Easy Workouts

These home remedies and workouts will help you lose all that baby fat or fat from your face, chin and neck.  

dry cough at night main


Is Night Cough A Major Issue? Here Are 7 Remedies to Help You Out

If you cough a lot at night then here are some home remedies to help you sleep better. 

menopause and depression m


Here’s How To Deal With Depression During Menopause

Menopause often leads to severe depression and mood changes, here's how to deal with it.

benefits of alum or fitkari m


From Skin To Hair, Alum Is The Solution For All Your Problems

You don’t need different solutions for your hair and skin problems. Alum is the one-stop solution for all your woes.