Tips On How To Take Selfies For Solo Travellers

By Kishori Sud23 Oct 2018, 18:09 IST

Are you travelling solo and worried about the photographs in which you will be missing? Don't worry we have a solution to that problem as well. Here are some tips on taking selfies while you are backpacking alone.

Many times when we ask other tourists to take our pictures they do goof up or for some reason, we are not that happy with the result and it can be embarrassing to ask them to take another. We have come up with some useful tips like alignment, light source and more which you too should try and let us know if they solved your problem or not. 


Keep yourself left aligned or right aligned. Basically, you have to keep yourself in the frame either on the left side or the right side. Just open your selfie camera or the front camera and pick your side. This way you will get the whole view and you are also a part of the image. 

Selfie Stick

Never forget to carry a selfie stick! Whenever you are out on a solo trip, you find a scenic view which is quite far and you want to be a part of it. This is when this stick comes in handy. This stick can help you capture the whole view in the background and you can be a part of it. Please do not attempt such selfies at risky locations though, it can be very dangerous.


Whenever the light source is on your opposite side, it is the best time to click your pic. Always stand against the light. This is how you will get a good picture as it will light you up as well, bring a warmth to the image.


Producer – Prabhjot Kaur

Editor – Atul Tripathi