While travelling we carry so many unnecessary items we do not need. It’s always a last minute option after we are don’t packing everything we need and we are left alone with our thoughts. It’s always the “maybe I do need it?” or “I guess I might need it?” items that weigh up our luggage.

A big rule of travelling is to travel light and only carry things we will really need. Sadly, our mind wander off and by the time we realise what has happened we have 2 suitcases full of luggage we don’t need. Just so that this scenario does not happen again we have made a list of unnecessary items you DO NOT need while travelling.

Extra Toiletries

There are times where you must have dumped your whole skincare kit in you luggage thinking you need it. Though; we actually end up forgetting the whole skincare routine and rarely use everything in our skincare kit. 

It is best to carry a nice face wash, face cream, sunscreen and a lotion as you only really need these 4 items in you basic skincare routine while out travelling.

What not to carry during travel

Jewellery And Valuables

No keep down those ‘jhumkas’ and that heavy necklace; you don’t need it! Admit it girls we all have packed a lot of jewellery but not once have we worn it out. You really don’t need heavy jewellery or any valuable jewellery on a trip. Jewellery is just extra luggage in suitcase which is not needed. 

While travelling you should only carry pieces you know you are going to wear or valuables you know you will need. But the best idea is to carry 2-3 pieces of jewellery and no valuables. 

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Extra Makeup

Just like skincare carrying extra makeup is useless. You rarely use those 3 eyeshadow pallets, 4 blushes and 2 highlighters etc. on your trip. It is far easier to carry only makeup essentials instead of your whole makeup kit.

All you need is a basic eyeshadow palette, a BB or CC cream, a basic blush and highlighter. Now you are all set to go look your best on your trip.

What you don't need

Extra Clothing And Shoes

It always starts with three outfits and extremes to throwing your whole closet in with the shoes. Clothing and footwear are the main reason for our heavy luggage. We do not really need 12 outfits but we end up carrying them and not wearing them.

What we should do is pack outfits by the number of days we are out and try to mix and match pieces since that would make you luggage lighter. Even shoes; try to carry three pairs - a normal one, a dressier one and a pair of slippers.

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Too Many Gadgets

Carrying too many gadgets is not something everyone does but it is something which has been done enough times to be included in this list. Try to just carry your essentials like your phone and laptop or tablet if you have work. Please do not carry a heavy DSLR camera if you are not a photographer or passionate about photography.

things you dont need

More Than One Novel

Being bored while travelling on the train, plane or car is an issue but that does not mean you should carry 3-4 novels. Just carry what you are currently reading because if you are travelling on vacation; you are sure to forget about your novels and just enjoy the trip.

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