The flight to nowhere is basically a joyride that was coined by Australia’s Qantas Airlines. Where the flight took the passengers along the Outback Australia and great barrier reef, Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Byron Bay and iconic Sydney Harbour, said the Qantas airline in a statement. The Australian airline was completely sold out on this plan within 10-15 minutes, as the people have missed flying during the Covid -19 lockdown.


Air India Plans To Start A Flight To Nowhere Too

Air India

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Yes, you read that right. Air India is also working on the same lines and is going to start a flight to nowhere. As people are still fearing international travel. This is to be considered as a progressive resort to deal with the adversely affected travel and tourism industry. The lockdown led to job loses, leave without pay and reduced costs along with major number of salary cuts.

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More About Air India’s Flight To Nowhere

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The airline is starting this flight to nowhere, which will actually not take you anywhere. Yes, because it is designed for the sole purpose of re-inducing the travellers to start travelling to the best loactions of their dreams and promote them to book flights. The officials believe that there are lot of people who miss travelling via flights, this program is to target those people only. The flight will continue for as long as 7 hours and you would be be coming back to the same airport once the flight has covered the scenic route that has been well-structured to offer the passengers a rejuvenating experience while flying. The further details of the program are yet to be announced but we are very excited to see how this project rolls out for Air India and the travel industry. With this ‘flight to nowhere’ you must not expereience the thrill of going to a new place, but it will definitely give you the me time between the beautiful oceans of clouds.

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The Aircrafts And Other Details

The National airline has decided to send the Boeing 747 jumbo jet on the flight to nowhere operations. These flights are set to operate at the Minimum Obstacle Clearence Altitude (MOCA). This is the lowest safe level for flying which will allow the passengers to observe the intended scene or sight from a safe and vieable distance. The MOCA is different for different places and cities. It is set in order to avoid crashing with big building and other obstacles.


Other Places That Have Started The Same Flights

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Not only India and Australia, but a lot of other countries are also planning the same things.  For example, Singapore is starting the flights to nowhere that will begin from the Changi airport and land at the same place. Further, these booking will include hotel stays, shopping, limousine rides and travels vouchers as incentives that one can easily add on with the trip to nowhere. So, if you have been completely exhausted by the work from home schedules or the minimal travel notion, then take necessary precautions and do book the flight to nowhere for a memorable experience which actually so relatable with life in general, because we all don’t exactly know where we are headed but we aremoving on in life every moment. 

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