Women Athletes Call It Stressful To Wear Wimbledon’s All-White Uniform

Female athletes shared concerns about wearing white during periods. Read on. 

Krati Purwar
athlete complain about wearing white

Wimbledon is again making headlines apart from just championship details. Women tennis players are questioning the all-white dress code. People are divided on social media, women are calling it stressful to wear white during periods, and the question has turned into a topic of debate.

Questioning Wimbledon’s White Dress Code

— Monica Puig (@MonicaAce93) May 31, 2022

Catherine Whitaker, a sports commentator, was asked about the strict all-white dress code for female athletes in the Wimbledon championship. She said, “I would like to see it change.”

The commentator added, “If they had a clothing policy that affected men the same way it does women, I don’t think that particular tradition would last. I cannot imagine going into the biggest day of my life, with my period, and being forced to wear white.”

Monica Puig, the Rio Olympics gold medallist, tweeted, “Definitely something that affects female athletes! Finally bringing it to everyone’s attention! Not to mention the mental stress of having to wear all white at Wimbledon and praying not to have your period during those two weeks.”

All England Club has announced “women’s health” as its priority and committed to providing players “with anything they require”. Athletes are wondering if the club would reconsider the all-white dress code.

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Issue With All-White Uniform

aditi mutatkar

Image Courtesy: Aditi Mutatkar/Instagram

Aditi Mutatkar, an Indian shuttler, once shared an anecdote from days of training sessions when coaches pulled all female athletes aside to talk about “those days”. They were told of an exception to wearing coloured shorts during periods.

However, she confessed that male athletes were not aware of this exception and often called out female athletes for “breaking rules”. She added, “They (male athletes) figured something was off for four days, and then she (a female athlete) switches back to white and started to giggle. I wish this was addressed openly, and the giggling had stopped.”

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Mutatkar further said, “Because men will never even begin to understand what the issue is about or get the perspective. Tradition is fine, but if 50% of your players are not comfortable, you should be listening to them.”

“Tradition is not green grass and white clothes. It’s players,” she said.