Weddings in winter cansometimes be very challenging not jjst in terms of fashion but also in terms of keeping the guests warm. As the groom and bride we look for shawls  which look stylish and are effective in keeping us warm as well. But what do you do if the wedding is outdoors and it is freezing cold? You have to look for ways to keep your guests warm so that they enjoy your wedding rather than curse you deep in their hearts. Besides the warming snacks and drinks, there are indeed ways which work so here are some cool solutions.

Wind Blockers

Many of us do notthink of this but it is a great concept internationally. There are many ways of blocking the cold winds at open venues. There are screens made of thick material or wood which look classy and are super effective in blocking the windows.

wind wedding

Some people also opt for acrylic sheets in stylish finish. If you have a big budget and cost cutting is not an issue for you, you can go for stretch structures or waterproof fabric sturctures which do a great job in blocking the winds. One more way is by adding in carpets as the ladies wear sandles with heels and their feet are closer to the cold ground. The combination will certainly provide a cozy atmosphere.

Fire Pits & Heaters

heaters wedding

This is a common one. Portable heaters can be taken on rent. In case you are going through a wedding planner you just need to give them a brief of what you want and they will help out but if dealing with the banquet directly, be very specific about what you are looking for. You can also get propane heaters which come in different kind of surfaces like bronze, copper and stainless steel.

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Cute Handout Blankets & Stoles, Cosy Furniture

blankets wedding

This one is my favourite at weddings but we rarely get to see this as it requires a good budget. In outdoor events, you must keep cosy furniture and have a lot of big cushions and pillows. If possible, faux fur pillows would work the best. For cosy furniture, firstly, place them closer to each other and some a little away for privacy. 

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For blankets, these days we have baskets where you can become innovative and hand out thin blankets which you can give away to the guests or keep stoles in different colours. Another way is that you take them on rent. You can also aff in earmuffs if it is too cold and some nice hats for the bald uncles but keep the English style ones like flat caps or felted hats. For warm hands there are hot pockets which are meant to be kept in the hands for warming. Generally they are used when it is teeth chatteringly cold outside. They are excellent hand warmers. 

So stay warm and be considerate. Keep your guests warm and they will give you more blessings. 

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