One of the most common things that you are faced with when you go to a high-class party is a glass of wine. While it may seem like just a glass, this glass determines your social standing and class. How you hold a glass of wine, how you drink it, how you pour are all parameters that give you a class validation. 

Being rich and being classy are two different things and these days, the latter is preferred more! So, in this article, we are here to tell you all that you need to know about wine etiquettes! 

How To Hold A Glass Of Wine

how to hold wine glass

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The most conflicted topic when it comes to wine is how to hold a glass of wine perfectly. Different TV shows show us different ways of holding a glass of wine. While you may have seen most of the people hold the glass of wine with the palm of their hand below the wide base of the glass, we suggest you hold it at the stem. Hold the stem with your fingers and place your little finger below the stem. This will make it easier for you to swirl your wine and not look like you are struggling with the glass. 

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How To Pour

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When it comes to pouring a glass of wine, you generally do it when you are the host. This is why knowing how to pour wine perfectly is directly proportional to how classy a host you are! While pouring wine, hold the bottle from the bottom, exposing the label of the bottom completely. When you are done pouring, take the bottle up firmly and quickly to cut the flow of wine perfectly.

The Swirl, Sniff And Sip Rule

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Another thing that we have seen plenty of times on shows and movies is people swirling the wine and sniffing it. Well, if you are at a party, where the waiter gets a bottle of wine approved by you, they come and pour a little into your glass(read how to clean glasses) and wait for your approval. What you have to do here is, pick the glass and swirl it gently 2-3 times. This makes the aroma that may have settled, come up. Now place the wine glass near your nose and move it horizontally across your nose. When you smell the wine, do not wince, no matter how bitter it smells. Now take a sip of the wine, let it sit on your palette for 5 seconds and swallow. Again, do not wince. This is something you do only the first time, after which you take normal sips. 

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How Much Wine Is Too Much Wine

Even though there is no such rule on how much wine you must drink, let us tell you that this is no beer, and you are at no party! Wine is generally served where the occasion is a tad bit more formal than your usual parties. The rule remains that you sip your wine at a slow pace and go no more than three refills. This is because a) you do not want to get tipsy(read how to get over a hangover) at an official party and b) do not drink as if you have never seen wine before! 

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