With the summertime here, the mosquitoes are here too. Mosquitoes are the worst things about summer, they bite you, and leave their sting inside you which causes irritation and itching on the skin some times resulting in worse red rashes. 

Not only that, but these little winged creatures can also cause fatal diseases such as malaria and dengue, this not only scares us to the core but also wants us to get rid of them completely. 

From coils to liquidators to sprays we use so many things to ward the mosquitoes off. But have you ever thought about why mosquitoes bite you anyways? Well, definitely not many of you would have done that, so, we are here to tell you all about why mosquitoes love to bite you.

You’re Their Delicious Treat

why mosquitoes but you

It has been studied that almost 20% of the population is more delicious for mosquitoes than for others. Just like us, they also have like eating what’s tastier to them. There can be many factors that contribute to what makes us tastier for mosquitoes read on to find out more.

Your Sweat Lures Them

You might consider it gross but it is how it is. Mosquitoes are attracted to your sweat, so, the human beings that sweat more are more attractive to mosquitoes. Also if you sweat more frequently then also chances are high that you are mosquitoes’ favourite food. The blend of uric acid, ammonia and lactic acid is a mouth-watering combination for them mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes have lactic acid receptors that allow them to smell the scent of lactic acid. 

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Mosquitoes consider the skin with more deposition of bacteria more irresistible than clean and hygienic skin. Bacteria also draws the mosquitoes towards you and hence they bite you. So, try to stay clean(how to maintain feminine hygiene) all the time. Moreover, skin microbiota can decide how tasty you are, especially for malaria-causing mosquitoes.

Your DNA

Your genes can also be a contributing factor towards drawing mosquitoes closer to you. Some genes that you inherit might make you more delicious to mosquitoes.

Carbon Dioxide

why mosquitoes but you

The more carbon dioxide you exhale, the more they are attracted towards you and they are able to detect it too.

High Body Temperature

High body temperature can also be responsible for drawing mosquitoes to you. If you have just worked out or played a sport, then your body temperature is likely to be higher and this is the time when they will bite you because the blood in the body is closer to the skin at this time.

Blood Type

Mosquitoes love the blood type O and if you are someone with that blood group, you might know the struggle.

Beer Consumption

You become more delicious for mosquitoes after you consume beer eve 350 ml of beer is enough to pull these bloodsuckers close to you.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women(skin care tips for pregnant women) are at a higher risk of getting bitten than normal people as they emit more carbon dioxide and have higher body temperatures.

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Dark Colours

why mosquitoes but you

Noticed how mosquitoes engulf you when you’re wearing dark colours? It is because dark colours combined with movements makes you more spottable for them and hence they bite you more.

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So, stay safe and away from mosquitoes, and keep reading Her Zindagi for more such information.