Why Is It Important To Wear The Right Kind Of Bra?

By Tanya Malik31 Aug 2018, 11:06 IST

A lot of girls don't know the importance of wearing the right kind of bra. Young girls usually believe that bras are meant to be uncomfortable. However, its the other way round. Bras are meant to be the most comfortable garment you wear through the day. Neha Kant, Founder of Clovia, one of the most popular online lingerie selling brands shares the importance of choosing the right bra:

For The Right Posture 

If you don't wear the right bra and if your breasts aren't properly supported then your shoulders will start drooping and that posture you will carry on further in life. It is better you don't make that mistake, especially while picking up bras for young teen girls. 

For The Ability To Do Different Things

There are a lot of activities that girls want to indulge in, starting from dancing to sports. A lot of girls let go of sports or dance because they aren't really confident of participating in that activity.

For Staying Confident 

The right kind of bra can help you boost your confidence. With the right bra, girls feel well supported, well dressed and ready to take on the world.