Are you confused about your man? Is he giving you some shady vibes or are things seeming a little off lately? He may just not be into you. Here are some reasons that could help you make your decision smoothly! 

You Know He's Not Into You

If your gut says he’s not into you like you are into him, then you should drop the whole thing. This doubt could probably eat you up as you later go on with somebody in a relationship, be it forceful or not, in any case. 

You're Always the One Initiating to See Him

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When you’re with him or around him texting, are you always the one initiating a conversation or a day out? Are you the one who is doing the talking and he seems to listen?

This is a sign for you to move on from this situationship girl. You shouldn’t be the only one in this relationship. It’s always a two-way street to any place in the world honey. 

He's Not Interested In the Things You Do

Being a separate individual from everybody else, you obviously would have a separate set of hobbies and like to do different things in the world. Do you spend time with your boyfriend and he doesn’t seem to enjoy it? 

Is he always finding ways to ditch plans with you for something else? This is a total red flag. 

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He'd Rather Spend Time With Other Women

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Does your boyfriend always prefer meeting other women in his life other than meeting you or spending time with you? This surely is a big no-no for us. If he has time for other women, he definitely has time for the one he wants to spend on. 

He Doesn't Really Look At You

When a man likes a woman, he just can't take his eyes off of her, can he? Well, it is proven by science that he can’t. If he doesn’t seem to be gazing at you all the time, don’t waste yours at him. 

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He's Asking You About Dating Advice For Another Women

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This one is so obvious. If he likes you, he would never think of mentioning another woman of interest in front of you. This is a deal-breaker. 

He's Never Done Anything Nice For You, Whatsoever

People do nice things for people they love. This is a way of showing and appreciating love from one another. 

If he has never done anything nice for you, boy-bye! 

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