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    Pets You Can Keep If You Are Allergic To Dog Fur

    Here’s a list of pets you can keep if you have allergic reactions to dog fur and multiple others!
    Published -07 Nov 2021, 10:30 ISTUpdated -07 Nov 2021, 09:38 IST
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    A dog is an animal most of us want to keep as a pet! Dogs are the kindest animals and have a sense of emotions. They can easily detect and sense if something is mysterious in the environment and his/her surroundings. Here’s a list of other animals you can keep as pets if you have reactions to dog fur! 

    Guinea Pigs 

    Guinea pigs are rodents and have descended from the porcupine family. They are absolutely adorable and can easily fit into your palms. 

    They are low maintenance but you have to keep them in pairs, as they are social animals and in need of company at all times of the day! 

    No doubt they are tiny for their entire life, but they are amongst the most playful set of animals. They have a distinctive feature of popcorning when happy or excited!

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    Rabbits too are rodents and are typically caged just as the guinea pigs. They have a designated set of environments until they are let free and live in the small space for their entire lifetime. 

    Kept in cages, but the cages should be cleaned regularly as it is the basic and the initial area of contamination of infections and bacteria to grow. 

    Cages are of different types and every pet has a different need. A cage for a guinea pig does not suffice for a rabbit, and similarly, a cage for one rabbit doesn't make for the other. Choose a cage according to your pet individually! 

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    Pigs, as weird as it sounds, are a great option for a pet for people with allergies! Pigs have become a ‘trendy’ pet these days, believe it or not! 

    They grow up to be 220 kgs and live in muddy places, at least that’s what we think they like! 

    As a baby piglet, pigs are quite cheerful and playful, but as they hit an age, they laze around in mud or just the flooring (5 Adorable DIY Dog Beds) if that’s what’s accessible to them! 

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    Reptiles and amphibians usually do not cause allergic reactions because they do not produce the proteins found in the dander and saliva of warm-blooded animals.

    Reptiles, as a pet, are a great choice for people suffering from asthma and/or allergies. 

    You can also go for snakes, frogs, lizards, and turtles as they fall under the amphibian category of the ecosystem. 

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    Aquariums are beautiful and stunning to look at. They bring out positivity at home and workplaces. Taking care of a fish is way simpler than any other animal as a pet! 

    The only concern with aquariums is that you have to keep tabs on mold growth and fungal infection within and around the tanks. 


    • People with allergies should prefer wearing gloves and a dust mask when handling the rodents and insects that many reptiles and amphibians need to eat to survive. 
    • If you have a pet in your home, you should let the parents of your child’s friends know before you invite them over. This will help prevent any surprising asthmatic or allergic reactions.

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