What Is Your Personality Type? These Simple Pictures Will Help You Find Yours!

What’s your personality like? Let’s find out with the help of these illusions! 

Mahima Girotra
Personality Type Test

Optical illusions have become a favourite thing for people to go through. With these optical illusions, you will end up finding your personality type! Let’s dig deeper, shall we?

Test 1


Did You Notice The Trees?

If you spotted the trees first, you are likely to be a more outgoing and extroverted person.

This also means you're good at hiding your true emotions, and although you have a large group of 'friends' around you - only a few are considered 'true and sincere.

Politeness is something you live by, but you are also extremely mysterious, and it's hard for other people to know what you're thinking in social situations.

You care a lot about the opinions of others and can sometimes be overly focused on what other people think about you," according to Heart.co.uk.

Did You Notice The Roots?

If you noticed a line of plants rooted, it means that you are a shy and introverted person.

Heart said, "You are particularly good at accepting constructive criticism and work hard to always better yourself which can inspire people around you."

You might be gentle and sometimes have low self-esteem but you're hard-headed and can be stubborn at times.

"The people you meet first will think that you are someone very ordinary, without talent or revolutionary qualities. However, this impression changes when they get to know you and realize that you are extremely competent and enthusiastic."

Did You Notice The Lips?

If you saw lips first, you are most probably a simple and calm person.

"Shying away from drama, you like to live life in the middle land and 'always go with the flow,' without being distracted by complications and an 'unnecessary movement to find fulfillment'."

"While you're seen as flexible, wise, and honest, some people may perceive you as weak and needing help, but in reality, you're more than capable of solving your own problems."

Test 2

little girl

Did You See The Little Girl?

You tend to move past life’s difficulties and can overcome obstacles with comfort.

Your youthful spirit makes you determined to face challenges other people might have struggled to.

Your special perspective in life means you do not bow under pressure even under difficult circumstances.

Did You See The Skull?

Don't panic. It doesn't mean that you are not a serial killer.

Seeing a skull in this optical illusion means that your greatest strength is your intellectual power. To put it simply, you're smart.

Your biggest strength lies in your deep thoughts.

Did You See The View?

If your eyes focused on the dark woods and saw the scenery first, it means that your biggest strength is your ability to trust your instinct.

In situations when others would panic, you can always rely on your gut feeling because you know it will eventually be right.

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Test 3


Take a quick look at this illustration of four men sitting in a tree. Now, listening to your gut's response, choose which of them you think is the smartest one. Here's what your answer supposedly says about you:

Number 1: You're optimistic and follow the beat of your own drum - but don't let these qualities cut you off from other people.

Number 2: You're determined and some might even call you hardheaded. Be sure these traits don't become so fixed that they cloud your judgment or prevent you from seeing how your decisions could impact others.

Number 3: Prudence could be your middle name. You make decisions logically and deliberately, and while this is usually a positive quality, being too cautious could be problematic - it could prevent you from being your best self.

Number 4: You're a carefree, fun-loving person. You insist on always walking against the crowd and being the rebel, which could act as a roadblock in certain scenarios. Sometimes, it's okay to just chill and go with the flow.

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Test 4

inside  ()

Did You See The Couple?

If you saw the old couple first, then you take a larger view of life. You do not get stuck with trivialities and are always looking at life from a bird’s eye point of view. You, therefore, are more of a strategist and would be good at strong managerial roles where you see the broader picture. You are good at planning and aren’t concerned with micro-managing things.

Did You Spot 3 People?

If you first saw these three people, two in the foreground and one woman in the background, then your attention to detail is incredible. You pay attention to nuances when others don’t even know they exist. You observe minutely (people, places, or things) and there’s hardly anything that can go past you without catching your attention. You are the sort of person who is extremely good at planning things to the last detail and one may even say that you are obsessed with details. The point is: you are a detail-oriented person and you would rather know things intimately than superficially.

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