You surely might have seen videos of dogs performing yoga with their owners going viral on social media platforms. The videos are super entertaining and fun to watch. And the practice is carried out in the videos is called Dog Yoga or Doga. 

This is basically doing yoga with your pet dogs. Doga started in 2003 in America and was later spread around the different parts of the world in 2011. This hybrid yoga not only is greatly beneficial for us humans, but it also makes your dogs more responsive, elated, and patient. 

Doga is a great activity and more and more people from around the world are now training their dogs to do yoga with them since it brings joy and laughter and helps your dog get more comfortable around you. Read on to find out some more facts about doga, some poses, and benefits.

Facts About Doga

Dog yoga

  • One important fact to know about doga is that dogs actually don’t perform yoga they are just conditioned to follow you.
  • Doga was criticised for trivialising Yoga for teacher’s certification, untrained dogs, disturbance in relaxation and concentration.
  • It is not a proper form of exercise and generally features easy movements that dogs can imitate.

Poses That You Can Do With Your Dog

Dog yoga

The best doga poses are :


2.Heart To Hound Mudra

3.Puppy Paw Mudra


5.Chair Pose

Benefits Of Dog Yoga

Dog yoga

  • Even though doga is mostly a recreational practice but it does have a few benefits. 
  • Doga helps in making the blood circulation of your dogs better.
  • They try to follow you and your instructions and can be called well trained. 
  • It is a great practice for obese or injured dogs as it helps you regularly train with them.
  • Doga is great for humans also it helps in relaxing the muscles and stress relief.
  • It a the perfect behavioural therapy for both the human and the dog.
  • It can also help in soothing hyperactive and anxious dogs and relieve their depression.
  • Helps in boosting and developing impulse control.

How To Start Training Your Dog 

Dog yoga

  • You don’t need to be a certain shape or size to practice this form of exercise. In fact, you could even be a dog!
  • Start the yoga practice in a yoga class that contains both humans and animals and is preferably in a place that your dog loves.
  • You can also call up a doga instructor and take classes for doga along with your dog at home this will be pandemic friendly also.
  • Give your dog treats at regular intervals and keep appreciating him, that’s the main drill and it will work wonders for you.

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