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  • Jeevika Sharma
  • Editorial

Weekly Tarot Card Reading: 07 February To 13 February

Get an insight into your coming week and plan for your important events using our weekly tarot card reading.
  • Jeevika Sharma
  • Editorial
Published -04 Feb 2022, 18:13 ISTUpdated -04 Feb 2022, 18:29 IST
weekly jeevika tarot MAIN

With the right planning and execution, a lot of future anxieties could be taken care of. Our tarot card reader, Jeevika Sharma is here to guide you through the upcoming week. Read on your detailed horoscope and see what the stars have to say.


Aries, you might feel that you are in an emotional rut this week, unable to escape. This might even cause you to feel stressed or depressed. But, you can get out of this situation all by yourself.


Taurus, you might feel caged or that you are being dominated. You might feel as if you are a puppet following the commands. Make sure you do not let anyone rule you this week.


sagi weekly tarot week

Gemini, it might so happen, this week, that you would put your trust in someone blindly which would make you suffer in the long run. Make sure you smartly deal with everyone around you and listen to people who come to warn you.


This week Cancer, there would be a much needed balance between your professional and your personal life. You should fear being stagnant. There will be growth in both spheres of your life.


You are likely going to spend a lot of time on yourself this week Leo. There might be some financial gain coming your way, as well. You would feel no inclination to spend money on others.


Virgo, this week there is a possibility that you would decline a good opportunity that is coming your way. Make sure that you grab it because it will be extremely beneficial for you.


pices weekly tarot week

You are likely going to be lazy and day dream about a lot of things happening in your life. It is adviced that you do not take anything lightly and do not delay any of your work.


This week Scorpio, you would finally get a hold of all the things happening around you. But, first, you need to observe everything with a much closer lens and wait for the right time to get things under your control.

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Sagittarius, as sometimes your nature is, you are likely going to show off your rewards or achievements to the world this week. There will be more growth and luck coming your way.


leo weekly tarot week

This week Capricorn, you would prefer to be on guard for your loved ones. You would keep outside influences out of the lives of your loved ones. This way they will be protected from the negativity of their enemies.


Aquarius, you might plan to do some things this week which would provide a boost to your financial standing. You are likely going to seek guidance from someone who has a lot more experience than you. 

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This week Pisces, the going might get tough and even a bit stressful for you. Make sure you make the decisions smartly and not in haste. Having a calm conscience would allow for better decisions.

We hope you have a great week ahead. For more such tarot card readings, stay tuned! 

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