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Weekly Numerology Reading From June 12 To June 18

Get an in-depth analysis of your upcoming week from our numerology expert.
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Published -12 Jun 2022, 13:00 ISTUpdated -12 Jun 2022, 12:05 IST
numerology prediction

With the new week all set to mark its beginning, here's how the stars are aligned for you. Read on your weekly numerology as provided by Dr. Madhu Kotiya, Tarot mentor, Numerologist and Vastu expert, to plan for days ahead.

Number 1

Heart patients should be careful this week. Anger and aggression should be avoided. Your health situation otherwise is likely to be good, you feel creative and full of life. You have unbounded stamina and vitality, but be careful when exercising; there are indications of minor injuries or sprains. Career-wise, you feel important as new job opportunities will be coming with a better perspective. You feel creative and get busy planning your life. Use your intelligence and hard work, which will pay you rich dividends. You may face a tough time in the relationship area. It can be that your beloved or blood relative, maybe your mother or sister, is undergoing mental tension and needs your support. Those who are seeking love don’t worry. Your time will eventually come, but for now, it’s good to stop your search for some time.

Lucky number: 30

Lucky colour: Green

Lucky day: Thursday  

Number 2


This week your health may suffer if you ignore it. Take regular advice from the doctor. Don’t take the first pronouncement you hear about your health as the final report. Get a second or even third opinion before you sign up for anything that is irrevocable health-wise. Be open to spiritual healing. On the career front, if you are not happy with the current job and your work believes that you hold the power to change your situation. Maybe you cannot change your work environment, but that should not keep you from looking for a different or better situation. On the relationship front, although your intentions are good, your sharp attitude may put people off. Try and improve your communication skills. While you are busy with work, money, and family taking your time and energy, you are suddenly pitched into a whirlwind romance that leaves you empty and lost.

Lucky number: 14

Lucky colour: Brown

Lucky day: Wednesday    

Number 3

This week you will feel strong both physically and mentally. You feel full of vigour and vitality. This week you may decide to finish the pending tasks and many other works which you were not able to do in the past weeks. There is a warning not to overdo things or push your body further. Rest is also a critical part of health. Career-wise, this is a very positive time for you in financial terms. Wise investments will keep your bank balance in a healthy state. Money inflow will be good. There will be an improvement in your career life. You need to be cautious in your relationships this week. Your obsession and passion might give you a jolt. Secret affairs or extramarital relations might put you in trouble. For those seeking love, this is not a favourable time for them.

Lucky number: 10

Lucky colour: Caramel Brown

Lucky day: Sunday    

Number 4

This week your physical health and mental health need to be looked after. You want to discover, and solve every problem using only your resources, ignoring others’ advice. This way, you may end up feeling isolated and excluded. Even in health matters, don’t try to escape the situation if you have any health issues take the advice of a health practitioner. On the work front, expect good news concerning finance. A female may prove beneficial in your career. No matter what is happening in your financial life, give yourself a break, and know that you can make a positive difference to make more prosperity in your life. Some of you may get a promotion and higher positions this week. A great week in personal relationships as well. This is the time when married couples will enjoy good bonding and share good understanding.

Lucky number: 10

Lucky colour: Silver

Lucky day: Saturday  

Number 5


This week your health remains good, and you are capable to bring balance to your life. Professional, personal, and emotional fronts go well with your wisdom. Amidst the busy schedule, you take time out for your well-being. Family members will be supportive of you in whatever you do. On the work front, you feel powerful energy and want to achieve the best in all your task. A colleague in your work environment may behave or talk to you that will bother you, but the truth is that you may be being too sensitive. He’s just doing his job. An exciting opportunity may likely come to you to represent your institution on the academic front. On the relationship front, some moments in life are pure ecstasy, and you wonder why. A new bonding is indicated on the horizon.

Lucky number: 13

Lucky colour: Turquoise

Lucky day: Friday                                               

Number 6

This week you may be more inclined to give up bad habits in the interest of your health. You are energetic and feel a lot of stamina and vitality. Avoid aggression. Give yourself time and space for meditation. Walking can also be very effective as well. A good massage is recommended. On the career front, you are either getting a good job offer or a promotion in the existing one. Your projects are likely to be more successful than expected. You have a lot of reasons to feel pride. If you’re waiting on results from an interview, you are likely to get a good response. In the matter of heart, ensure that you are counting your blessings. Focus on the things and people in your life that you have to be thankful for.

Lucky number: 22

Lucky colour: Grey

Lucky day: Friday  

Number 7

Any kind of ritual like reading a book will be helpful for your health. At this time a person will likely come into your life who will be a mentor or teacher. You will learn from them on several levels. You will soon be feeling much more social. Career-wise, you may face tough competition or rivalry. You will get good news about finance. With your creativity, you can reach out to others, particularly females, and get the help and advice that you need to make a positive difference financially. On the relationship front, don’t get too possessive of your partner. You may face conflicts, both external and internal. Don’t escalate conflicts unnecessarily. Think before you act. Things may not work out as you would hope with a love relationship.

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Lucky number: 11

Lucky colour: Pink

Lucky day: Monday   

Number 8


This week life seems to be easy. You are in the best of health and enjoying bliss. Use the good energy of this time to enhance your habits, improvise your exercise routine or add to your knowledge of nutrition. Trust yourself. You come back in life with double enthusiasm and creativity. On the work front, it is a vibrant and action-packed time. There will be sudden outbursts of emotions and passions as well. You start the work to finish and with quality. Support of seniors will give a boost to your career this week. On the personal front, give with kindness and compassion, and know that what goes around always comes around. Some of you might spoil your relations with your loved ones, due to your sensitive nature. This time career is very important to you, and romance and love will take backstage.

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Lucky number: 31

Lucky colour: Red

Lucky day: Wednesday 

Number 9

This week you are likely to follow a new health regime. You have been pampered for a long time, and now things are out of your control. You need rest, a planned diet, and peace of mind. So, work out accordingly. Remember health is wealth, and there are no other commitments as important as looking after your wellbeing. On the work front, if you are waiting for the results of an interview you may get stuck waiting on a decision. Try to be patient and refrain from pushing people to move before they are ready. Make sure you have done your share of work, and if you haven’t, figure out how to explain or make amends. On the relationship front, there may be the end of a relationship. Try to give your beloved some breathing space.

Lucky number: 20

Lucky colour: Sky Blue

Lucky day: Friday


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