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Weekly Numerology Prediction: 13 March - 19 March 2022

What does the coming week have in store for birth numbers 1 to 9? Read your numerology prediction. 
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Published -13 Mar 2022, 09:41 ISTUpdated -13 Mar 2022, 09:58 IST
weekly numerology prediction by astrologer

Number 1

If you have been not feeling well, due to low energy that will end soon. If you have an ongoing health issue that you have not recovered from, you may benefit from undertaking some sort of alternative therapy. This is an excellent time for you to undertake some form of spiritual study that you have thought about in the past. On the professional front, you may need to keep your eyes open for opportunities. This week’s energy is not favourable. You may feel stressed over minor details or the job you do and the recognition you get for it. Prioritize your work and give great attention to your responsibilities to win the situation. The relationship area requires your attention. You need to turn your world around and view your situation from a different perspective.

Lucky number- 12

Lucky colour- Maroon

Lucky day- Wednesday

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Number 2

A balanced lifestyle is the first step for healthy living. Ensure that you are making full efforts from your end. What you eat, how much you eat, and sleep matter a lot. Take time out for entertainment and physical activities for rejuvenation and regain energy. Sometimes money cannot buy what we want from our life. Your cheerful outlook plays an important role too. On the career front, this week is favourable. You will want to reach out to people and interaction & understanding will play a major role in keeping you on the move. On the personal front, you may feel the need to be liberated from certain restrictions and spread your wings and experience the freedom that your heart desire. Traditions and family are important currently. Married couples will seek advice from elders.

Lucky number- 25

Lucky colour- Brown

Lucky day- Sunday

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Number 3

This week's health may suffer, so sleep well and take adequate rest. Be open to spiritual healing, but if you are struggling with a serious illness, know that a cure is not always associated with healing. You may require some therapy or surgery. Professionally, this week you will be able to make a mark for yourself. You feel confident in your choices and decisions, and this helps you to move towards the achievement of your goals. A fortunate outcome is indicated whatever you do or start at this time. Your skills & potential will be duly recognized. On the personal front, your loved ones will be supportive, and you will have new feelings and new hopes. Do not let your desire for fun make you overlook the real and deep love that may come your way.

Lucky number- 10

Lucky colour- Mustard

Lucky day- Tuesday 

Number 4

This week the health is good. You have the confidence within yourself and present yourself as strong, vibrant, and persevering. Things are going to get better with the warmth and care of your loved ones. Do not push yourself too hard. Withdraw for a moment and take a break to restore your energy. Professionally, the week stores some negative energy. Your job responsibilities may be at a standstill position at this time. Expecting a promotion or increment can be disheartening. Instead of feeling stuck or restricted in life, think other ways to earn a livelihood. On the personal front, there is a need for balance with family, friends, and relatives besides work. If you are already in a relationship, it is about to get a new meaning.

Lucky number- 11

Lucky colour- Silver

Lucky day- Monday

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Number 5

This week you may get angry quickly and put yourself in intense arguments. If you are having some health problem that is not specific, your doctor may suggest tests. Deepen your spiritual awareness and practice. Try something new, even reading that you do for yourself can sometimes offer new clarity. Active meditations are useful now. Your job or professional responsibilities move at breakneck speed. Some obstacles are seen that could hamper your growth. The position you were aspiring for may not fall in your kitty. Work could be a challenge for you. On the personal front, the power of your words is stronger than action. This could make your relationships complicated. Stay grounded and enjoy the energy of the day. Work with your heart than mind and be flexible in your approach with your loved ones.

Lucky number-19

Lucky colour- Purple

Lucky day- Tuesday

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Number 6

This week you are feeling stuck or restricted in your life. You need to get in touch with why you are feeling this way, and work to release yourself from these restrictions. Your health could be affected if you are not open and expressive. Learn to express yourself, share your sorrow and happiness to maintain equilibrium. More than physical, mental peace is required at this time. On the work front, things are not as good as you might have expected this week. If you are willing to put yourself in limelight you feel cheated. Some other people will take the credit for your hard work. Beware of insecure and overly suspicious people. On the relationship front, this is a good week that has happiness, laughter and sharing time with loved ones stored in it.

Lucky number- 18

Lucky colour- Black

Lucky day- Saturday

Number 7 

This week's energy and stamina will be outstanding. You have confidence, and you will present yourself as strong. Everything gets better than what it was earlier. On the work front, a new opportunity will arrive this week, it depends on you how you perceive them. This is the time to have a broader vision and an open mind. Discussing your career with professionals will be helpful for you at this time. Update your knowledge and current happenings in the technology and other fields currently. On the personal front, you may get occupied with something new and even more exciting and inspiring. You can look forward to the rapid completion of a relationship. There is no stopping you right now as you are full of energy and enthusiasm to move quickly.

Lucky number- 13

Lucky colour -Yellow

Lucky day- Thursday 

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Number 8

You have been thinking about bringing a major change in your life. Something is provoking within you, a feeling of dissatisfaction with your level of enjoyment in life and this inner discontent demands few changes. Improve your life by bringing more spirituality and fantasy into the picture. Professionally, ensure that your day-to-day affairs are in order. If not, there is an urgent need for good time management and financial management. Keep a track of your expenditure as well as investments. It may sound tedious to focus your attention on more mundane issues, however, these are fundamentals that pave the way for career success. On the personal front, increasing domestic requirements could affect the quality of your work, but you look at life more joyfully. You spend time on entertainment and celebrating life.

Lucky number -30

Lucky colour- Peach

Lucky day- Saturday

Number 9

Health needs immediate attention. Get clinically examined yourself if you find a simple problem. Take a second or third opinion in case there is confusion in diagnosing. Rest and renewed energy to bring a state of calm and stability back into your life. Take a quick decision if you must undergo treatment. On the career front, you are highly action-oriented and feel incredibly inspired and enthusiastic about pursuing a new idea or project that you have in mind. You can use your creative energy and passion to take the first steps and get this project underway. Under your leadership, people will be charged up. On the personal front, create a safe and trusting environment where you can go. Allow some space to others and being tolerant of their needs will help you win favour for yourself.

Lucky number- 20

Lucky colour- White

Lucky day- Friday

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