Pandit Manish Sharma's predictions from September 7 to September 13 will clear all your doubts regarding your personal and professional life. Whether you are going to get a new job opportunity or a promotion, a matrimonial offer or a happy romantic relationship, check out your weekly horoscope here as per your sun sign. 


All the tasks will reach completion easily. Those employed will be happy. Everything that had been bothering you for a while will seize to do so. Your bosses will be happy with you as well. Businessmen or women will have a peaceful week. Take care of your health as you may experience a stomach ache. You will get your spouse's support. Students will concentrate on their studies. 


If you are an employed individual then your work will be praised. If you are into some kind of business then refrain from borrowing or lending anything and if you do, then do so after analysing properly. Take care of your health. Due to a lot of work, your sleep time may be delayed and that may not have a good effect on your health. This is a good time for students as they will perform well. Married life will be at peace. 

gemini cancer weekly


Financially you will have a stable week. If you are an employee then you will get new opportunities. Take utmost care of your health. If you are in a relationship then this is the time to spend quality time with your partner. Married couples will have a stable and blissful life. 

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This week you will have to work hard. Employees will have a peaceful time. You will be able to complete all your assignments. Try not to spend money on things you do not need. Students will have to put in more effort for good marks. You may get mentally exhausted. Your married life will be stable. 

leo virgo weekly


Try to cheer yourself up. Financially you will be alright. Employed individuals will be in a mood to change their jobs but don't make irrational decisions at the moment. Students should concentrate on their studies instead of wasting time on other things. Health will be alright but a headache might be troublesome. You may have an argument or a disagreement with your spouse. Businessmen/women need to be careful this week. 


This is a good week for employees. You may get the opportunity to work on something new. You will be overworked so mental exhaustion should be expected. If you are in a relationship then things will be stable between you and your partner. Businesswomen/men will also see progress at work. Students will also get the fruit for their hard work. 


libra scorpio weekly


The coming seven days will turn out to be good for you. You may have to tread carefully when it comes to your financial positioning. However, if you are into some kind of business then you may make some profit or something good will happen. Do not ignore anything when it comes to health. If you are in a romantic relationship, the feud that had been going on, will be solved. Students will do well. 


The beginning of the week will be good. Both employed individuals and business owners will have a stable week. Don't spend money on unnecessary things. Be careful while driving, you may hurt your feet. Students will be successful with their project as they will be able to concentrate well on their studies. Those in a romantic relationship may have an argument. Married couples will have a smooth week. 

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sagi capri weekly


This sun sign may get lucky financially. Those employed will be happy as their work will be praised by the bosses. Students will concentrate at work. Health will be good but you may face skin issues this week. If you are unmarried then you may get a matrimonial offer. 


The starting of the week may be a little testing. Your hard work may not be fruitful either. Your mind will not be at ease and you may get into an argument with people around you. If you are an employed person then concentrate on your work and don't get into any trouble with your colleagues. Students will be able to concentrate on their studies. Don't ignore your health due to work. Married couples will have a stable week. 

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New projects or ideas will turn out to be good and fruitful. You may feel low in confidence at one point of time but fight it off. You may have to spend more money than usual. If you are in a romantic relationship, this is the right time to spend quality time. 


This is an okay week for you. You may benefit from your contacts. You may get a new job or get a promotion in the existing one. You will enjoy good health but laziness may take over. If you are married then everything will be at peace. 

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