If you believe in Astrology and wonder what the upcoming seven days of your life are going to be like for you on the work front or personal then here is what Pandit Manish Sharma has predicted according to your sun sign. So scroll down to see what your boss’s mood will be like and whether the end of November will be fine for you financially or not. 


On Monday and Tuesday, your financial status will be good. You will get support from around you and work will progress. The next two days after that may be a bit full of obstacles. But the days after that will be positive as you may get some sort of good news. You will be in a good mood and you may have to travel as well. Over the weekend post-afternoon, you may meet your family members. If you are in a relationship you might get into an argument but if you are married then everything shall remain smooth. 


Avoid taking up any important on the weekend and be very careful before you take up any decision. Your financial status as well may take a back seat and do not expect any support from anyone either. Only Monday and Tuesday will be heavy on work for you. The next two days will see some progress while Thursday might be a very happy day for you. The second half of the week is when you need to be very careful. Married couples as well as those in a relationship will have a peaceful and stable time. 


gemini wh nov end week

You will be able to work on whatever you want to and your financial status will also be good. The beginning of the week might bring a load of work for you. Your near and dear ones may not be able to spend time with you. Friday and Saturday may be the time when you get all that stuck money back. Your financial status will be good. Those single may get matrimonial offers while those in a relationship will be at peace as the tension between partners may get resolved. 


You may have a little tough time at the beginning of the week as you may get into some kind of disagreement. If you have some legal work going on then that might be a source of tension for you.  However, do not lose heart as the next few days will get better and your financial status may as well get better. Luck will be back on your side. On the weekend you may get some good news. 


leo wh nov end week

The beginning of the week will be good. All your stuck work will make progress and your financial status will be good. Keep control on your temper the following days as you may lose it especially when it comes to work. Post-Thursday life will get better. You will get more support and your financial status will get better. The weekend will be the best time of the week. You may get involved in some new work and you may also benefit from ancestral property.  You will make new friends and all that negativity with your loved one will end. 


At the beginning of the week, your enemies may try to get on to your case and see for loopholes to annoy you. Your mind will be distracted and this may cause an issue in concentrating at work. After a day or two, it will all get better. You will feel better at work, you will be in a happier mood. You will get more support and your new contacts may turn out to be useful. During the weekend you may get some bad news from your distant relatives. If you are married then you may have a difference of opinion. 

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libra wh nov end week

Your child may be a source of happiness this week. Your financial status will be good and work will be good as well. You will meet new people as well. However, on Wednesday and Thursday, you might feel a little down and out. You will be bothered for some reason and not be able to concentrate at work. By the end of the week, you will feel better and you will be able to finish your work on time. Your partner may put you under some kind of pressure. 


You may have to travel this week and that big project you are working on or involved in will be fruitful. By the end of the week, there may be something that will bother you.  You may not be able to concentrate on work. Your financial status will be okay and there may be a bit of obstacle. Over the weekend you may get into a fight or an argument. Your strained relationship will get better and you may even make new friends. Married life will be peaceful. 


sagi wh nov end week

Your hard work will pay off at work and luck will be on your side. Financial status will be good as well. On Tuesday and Wednesday be a bit vigilant. You may get hurt by a car and get into a massive argument or fight. On Thursday you may get the opportunity to step out for a while and enjoy some kind of festivities. Personal life will be calm and stable. 

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Besides making a profit from your savings or current property you may feel like making a new investment. You may also be a bit bothered by something and be unsure of results. You will be successful at work and travelling may be in your stars. By the mid of the week, you will be tensed for no reason. The approaching weekend will be fine. If you run a business then you may feel that your savings or inheritance is not enough. Those employed may get scolded by their seniors. On the personal front, all will be better and calm. 

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This week will be very good for you. Besides work, everything you take up will be successful. All your planning will be fruitful and all unresolved issues will come to an end. The beginning of the week will be happy for you and the following days will bring you profit from your inheritance or savings and the money you thought is gone or stuck may find its way back to you. Married life will be blissful and those in a relationship will be happier as all those misunderstandings may clear away. 

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pisces wh nov end week

Until the middle of the week, you may feel a bit under the weather. Your work may be full of obstacles and your financial status as well will be a bit weak. Post that, things will get better, work will be at progress and Wednesday and Thursday will be very good for you. Your enemies will calm down and things will run in a smoother order. Personal life will get better and more stable. 

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