Worried about what post-Diwali week holds for you? Don't worry as we are back with the weekly horoscope predictions by pandit Manish Sharma, who has given a low down for all the sun signs, covering their financial status, love life and more. 


aries sign wh

You may receive money all of a sudden and also receive some good news. However, there may be some obstructions on Monday or Tuesday.  Circumstances may ruin your plans in these two days. Wednesday shall get better as you have support. On Thursday, the sun may shine upon you as you will receive money and success. By the weekend, you will get your father’s support, but work may overflow.  


This time is favourable but you will still be worried about something.  Your child will be supportive. Monday and Tuesday will be good for you. You will get good news as well. On Wednesday and Thursday, you may have to be a bit careful. You may get cheated on or ditched. Do not get involved in any kind of transaction and keep your plans a secret. Employees may get promoted. Your stomach may be a bit of a concern on the health front. Love lives will be blissful and even married souls will be happy. 


The beginning of the week will be great. Your financial status will get better and you will also be successful in what you do. Family life will be perfect. You may have to travel but it will be a happy journey. Wednesday and Thursday will be the best days when it comes to your financial status. On Friday and Saturday, avoid any serious commitment. You will be in a happy state of mind. The weekend is the time when you have to be a bit careful and avoid any argument or fight as it may get serious and ugly. Take care of your back and knees on the health front. If you have an ongoing fight with the love of your life then that situation may get better. Married people will be stable. 


Just until Monday evening there may be a few troubles but post that, the week will be stable. Your financial status will get better and your child will be supportive.  On Wednesday and Thursday, your enemies will back down. Thursday and Friday will be the best days for you. People who you thought will never stand up for you will surprise you with immense support. If you run a business, the money you thought you have lost, may find its way back to you. Those employed may have to travel.  In terms of health, you may experience cramps and be careful even when you are simply just walking.  If you are in a relationship, you may hit rocky roads as there are chances that you may get into a serious argument. 


On Monday and Tuesday, you may get into an argument and feel letdown even if it is about too much expenditure. You will feel lazy or simply procrastinate. On Wednesday, things may get better and find a good pace. Your financial status will get better. You may get some new projects to handle. On Thursday, your enemies may try to create some trouble but they will not be successful in the vicious plans. Business people will have it all smooth but those employed may have to travel but it will not be a good journey so try to avoid it. Those in a relationship will be a bit under the weather and you may meet your former love. Married life will be happy. 


virgo sign wh nv

On Wednesday and Thursday, you may get in touch with negative people which may put you under stress. Your hard work will pay off. Your brothers will be supportive and your financial condition may get better. Besides getting support, the issues you were facing at work may get resolved. Love life shall be blissful. 


This week you will get some good news and new responsibilities as well. You may get an opportunity to get involved in some religious work and you will also get a chance to meet your friends or known people. Be a bit careful on Saturday. Even a small joke cracked by you could land you in trouble or cause an unwanted situation. Financial status may become a little weak. If you have been looking for your lifemate then you may get someone. 

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There may be a fluctuation in your financial condition and in the beginning of the week, it may dip a lot. However, post-Thursday, things will get better. Some important work you will take up will be successful. Your child may be a source of some good news. On the health front,  you may catch some allergy. Marital life shall be blissful. 


saggitarius sign nv

Monday and Tuesday may have your financial status a bit weak. You may get into some fight or argument. On Wednesday, things will get better and by Friday you can expect some good time. Even your spouse’s financial status will be good. On Friday or Saturday, you may receive gold or utensils. You may catch a cold on the health front. On the love life front, if you are planning to propose to someone then this is not a good time, try to avoid it. Married life will be blissful. 


Your self-confidence and independence will get a boost. Do not borrow or lend money to or from anyone. If you have been expecting some kind of support from your friends and family then forget about it. By the weekend, things will get better. Those employed may experience negativity. You may not have time for your loved one. 

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Besides Friday and Saturday, the rest of your week will be fine. Work-life will progress and your financial status will be fine. Your enemies will step back. Your child will be a source of happiness and you may make useful contacts. Those employed may want to switch jobs. Those who are single may get a matrimonial offer. 


Until Monday evening, you will be a bit troubled but after that your situation will get better. You may receive some good news. You may have to make travel plans unexpectedly. You will make money. In the middle of the week, work may get a lot but you will also meet your old friends. Friday and Saturday will be your good days and your financial status will be stable. You may accept a relationship proposal or a marriage proposal and even get to spend time with him or her. 

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