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    Weekly Horoscope Nov 12 to Nov 19, 2021: Astrological Predictions For All Zodiac Signs

    Are stars aligned in your favour or not? Read on your weekly horoscope to know more. 
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    Published -14 Nov 2021, 15:00 ISTUpdated -15 Nov 2021, 12:08 IST
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    Is there an urgent assignment or personal work that's keeping you worried? Are your relationships getting you worked up? Fret no more! Our astrologer Mr. Pankaj Khanna, Chairman, Gem Selections & Khanna Gems Group is here to guide you through this week. Read on to know more.


    Growing faith and interest in occult is on the cards. Indecision and letting things slide may get you in trouble. In a  sudden mood  swing, you seek  solitude and lonely  places as  you  wrestle  to  come  to terms  with certain  things. Working  for  the  community, for  larger  issues, global  concerns and causes will bring solace  and  satisfaction.


    taurus weekly horoscope

    You will feel renewed energy levels in you. Growth and expansion at work will continue to occupy your mind but you shall change your strategy  and  instead  of  trying  to  accomplish  everything  on  your  own you shall try to develop teamwork. Group activities, working with others will be important, fruitful and profitable. A lot  of enjoyment  is  visible  , making  new acquaintances  and  certain  unexpected  gains  from  them  are  also  in  store  for  you.


    Make adjustments with the new situations rather than wondering how to resolve the changes at place of work. You  shall  get  more  deeply  involved  with  your  family  and  shall  be  able  to  spend  quality  time  with  them. Happiness  from  children  and  from  your spouse  shall  give  you  the  peace  and  tranquility  in  life.


    cancer weekly horoscope

    Being serious, mature and upright will help you in your professional life. Open  mindedness  and  maturity  in  your  approach  will  help  you  to resolve  problems  and  conflicts. Social  activities and  relationships shall  flourish  because you will display far  more  flexibility and open  mindedness. As you are always fair minded, you will be willing to listen.


    You shall have a desire to succeed but things will not come easily as progress and power do not come easily. There will be a lot of changes that you would like to make in your professional life. A  tricky  situation may arise  at your  work  place which  will  require  tactful  handling .

    There  could  be  opportunities  for  sudden  gains  but  it  is  not  wise  to  enter  into  risky  deals.


    virgo weekly horoscope

    You will be spending a lot of money but fortunately your income will balance the expenditure. You  may  go  out  too  far   in  your  attempts  to  help  others  and  thus  put  yourself in  a  corner and  may  be  tempted  to  overdo  things  leading  to  stress  and  health  problems. Avoid lending and borrowing or getting into risky deals. Also, it is recommended to relax and not over-strain yourself mentally and physically.


    Your  stars  are  favoring  you  and  you  have a lucky  and  fruitful  period  ahead  of  you. You shall derive rewards for your efforts and there will be no money problems. You  will  gain and shall derive benefit  from  a  person  of  high  repute.  Social gathering shall be a source of enjoyment. There will be many opportunities leading to rewards and gains. Strike while the iron is hot. You are bubbling with zest and energy.


    scorpio weekly horoscope

    Through your resourceful  nature, you shall be able  to  find  ways  to  make ends  meet. You will be working much harder than ever before. It is important to rest and relax properly. You  shall  be  unable  to  devote  much  time  to  your  family. Bringing pressure of work to home shall create troubles on the home front. 


    Financial gains are on the cards for you but only if you are able to accept challenges with an extraordinary spark. Rivalry and jealousy may upset your plans irrespective of your hard work. This is a time when income shall increase and you may find small sources of income. These have the ability to increase over time, so take care. Try to tuck away some cash so that it can be used later.


    Despite the heavy  workload,  you  do enjoy  yourself and  also  care  a  great deal ,children  give  joy to you. You  shall  also  indulge  in  home  improvement. You  will  be  in  a sociable  mood  and  will  go  out  somewhere. You  might  be  tempted  to  be  a little  extravagant. 

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    aquarius weekly horoscope

    Your prospects of making good money suddenly increase. During this period, you  shall  enter  into  an  alliance  which  will  be beneficial  for you in  the  long  run . You  shall  be  in an extravagant  mood  and  shall  indulge  yourself. Peace, harmony and domestic accord prevail in all your relationships.

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    You have a sense of mission and a special satis­faction in your work. You're realizing hopes and dreams that you have cherished for some time. Your enthusiasm and energy take over from the strain and weariness you were rightfully giving into. Finances look tremendous. 

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