Life is unpredictable and we never know what we van encounter next. With the beginning of the new month of March, hopes rise as we look forward to a better time. Astrologer Manish Sharma has listed what he predicts for all zodiac signs be it their love lives or business and health. 


Your enemies will try to harm you. The money that has been stuck for a while will find its way back to you. There will be progress for business runners and issues that employed people were facing shall go away. Your shoulder may create a problem for you and you may also hurt your foot. If you are in a relationship, there may be some arguments and those single may face issues in finding a match for marriage. 


taurus march

You will be busy with work. If you had been experiencing financial losses then that might workout for you this week and things shall get better. Entrepreneurs must be careful in the exchange of goods or money and those employed are bound to get a scolding this week. On the health front, you may have a headache and your feet may create an issue as well. On the relationship front if there has been a distance between you and your love then it will get better. Those married will have a blissful time. 


The atmosphere at work will be pleasant and positive for you. In the midst of the week, you may get some surprising good news. If you are travelling to foreign lands then it will be a fruitful trip and some people may buy a vehicle this week. You may bump into old friends. Both businessmen/ women and employed people will have a sound week. You may experience a severe headache on the health front. On the love front, your partner shall be supportive and those single may get a marital proposal.


cancer march

All in all this will be a positive week for you with a minor dip in between. If you run a business then the good news is that it will pick up this week. But those employed might find their peace evaporating as people may break rules and create obstacles in smooth working. Your teeth and waist may create trouble for you. Those in a relationship may still be in negative waters with their partners. Married couples will be in their happy space. 


leo march

Your responsibilities at the personal front are bound to increase and you may also meet some successful and well known people. On the work front if you run a business your employees may create issues. Those employed will be overburdened with work. On the health front you may fall prey to cramps in your nerves. If you have had a disagreement which has lead to a distance between you and your partner then that will get better. Those single may get a marital proposal. 


Your enemies will simmer down this week. You may have to travel. In terms of business, you will make new contacts. Those employed may go for a job change. On the health front you may be a bit irritated the entire week due to stress perhaps. Headaches are also bound to happen. Those in a relationship may end up giving more importance to their career over partner but married couples will be fine.


You will make new contacts and your travels will be successful as well. Work may be stalled in the beginning of the week but it will get better. On the business front, you will experience that the situation is getting better. Those who are employed will also get good support. On the health front, if you have been feeling sad and let down then that shall get better as well. Speaking of your lovelife, your lover will be very supportive. Married couples will also be at peace.

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You may travel to some place as per the prediction. If your family has been under the weather, the situation will get better. You will get to spend the weekend with family. In terms of business, there wl be a progress and those employed will have a stable week. On the health front, you may develop a cough or some sort of irritation in your throat. Both married couples as well as those in a relationship will be at peace. 


There will be a load of work to handle but you will be good at handling that. You may feel like investing in a new vehicle. Stay away from unnecessary arguments. You may end up spending a lot of money this week. Those running a business will get new consignments. You may catch a cold on the health front so take care.  If there have been any distant feelings with your partner then those will get sorted out. Some may even get married soon. 

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Your worries will fade away. Your friends will be supportive. If you run a business you will have to invest a lot this week and those employed might feel better. Your neck and joints may be an issue for you. You will meet your partner this week if you are single and if you are married, life will be peaceful. 


This week you may get into an argument over a small issue. Businessmen or women are adviced not to take risks this week. Those employed as well must be very careful. Those in a relationship may experience a lesser amount of love and concern from their respective partners. Married couples will get immense support from their spouses. On the health front, your body may have some stiffness and there may be an issue in your waist this week. 


pisces march

You will be happy this week. If you are an entrepreneur, steer clear of the share market this week. Those employed will be satisfied with their work. Your left hand may hurt this week. Those in a relationship will be happier as all the negativity will get sorted out. Married couples will be at peace. 

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