Eager to know what the current week holds for you? Check out the article to know how the week will go for you, according to your zodiac sign. The given astrological predictions are from August 10 to August 16 and predicted by Ujjain's most famous pandit, Jyotishacharya Manish Sharma, 



People belonging to sun sign Aries, might face some difficulties on Monday, which will tone down by Tuesday. You might also see income increase this week. Any stuck work will ease down on Wednesday and Friday. Your weekend will go well, along with success in previously made plans. 

Profession- You will see a boom in either your business or profession. Possibilities of transfer from the current job is also high. 

Study- You will be able to concentrate on studies but might not be able to work according to time. 

Health- You might suffer injuries on the waist, legs or feet. Possibility of toothache is also there. 

Love life- You will receive support from your partner but might have to stay apart for a while.  

What to do? Offer dahi mishri to Lord Krishna. 


You could spend money to buy luxury items this week. Some problems might come your way on Wednesday. By Thursday, problems will tone down and an increase in income could be expected. Some unwanted tasks might have to be done. 

Profession- Your business might experience lows. Those who are officers, can face some disturbance for a while. 

Study- You might not get the expected facilities because of which your studies could be disturbed. 

Health- Health problems like indigestion, vomiting, eye pain and breathing issues can occur. 

Love life- Single people can receive marriage proposals, while married ones can face disputes with their partners. 

What to do? Offer Tulsidal to Lord Krishna. 



You could face a shortage of funds this week. With the decrease in income, disputes might arise. Be careful especially on Thursday and Friday. There are high chances of something good happening on the weekend. Sadness will end and old stuck money will be received by the weekend. 

Profession- Excess of expenditure might happen in business/profession. There is also a possibility of job transfers. 

Study- You'll witness progress in your studies. 

Health- There could be pain in the left ear, joints and back. You might also suffer from a sore throat.

Love life- If you are in a relationship, there is a possibility that you might end it. On the other hand, married people will get support from their life partner. 

What to do? Offer butter to Lord Krishna. 

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Mercury is in transit which can put an end to your problems. You might deal with anger issues this week. Any problems in terms of money will come to an end. For people in the political profession, weekends will be important. 

Profession- High possibility of success in business. Job responsibility can increase.  

Study- You might excel in terms of studies.

Health- Piles and diabetes might give rise to health problems. You can experience pain in heels as well. 

Love life- Relationship problems will end and your partner will give you support. 

What to do? Offer kheer to Lord Krishna. 


You might face hindrance in your work on Monday. Your time will improve from Monday evening. Your income will improve and Wednesday will be amazing. Your plans will become successful and you will have support from your family. 

Profession- Business will be normal. Possibility of a job change might arise. 

Study- Those seeking higher education will get help. 

Health- There may be discomfort in the stomach, nose and ears. Back pain and urinary infection could occur. 

Love life- Dispute with life partner may arise. 

What to do? Offer fruits to Lord Krishna. 



You might meet old friends this week. You’ll be able to complete your work without interruption by getting cooperation from others. Tuesday and Wednesday might bring worries. Luck will support you and expenses would be less. Thursday and Friday will be peaceful and you’ll have a happy state of mind. 

Profession- Your profession/business will go at a steady pace. No problems will occur in your job. 

Study- In terms of studies, you’ll get the results according to the hard work done. 

Health- Toothache or stomach ache might happen. 

Love life- Marital life will be content and happy. 

What to do? Offer mogra flowers to Lord Krishna. 

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Worry regarding the future might overpower you in the starting of the week. In the middle of the week, hopes will strengthen. Cooperation will also be obtained. Weekends can cause problems again. Avoid disputes and do not try to convince anyone.

Profession- Trading will be difficult. Job will remain normal. 

Study- You’ll stay motivated to move forward in terms of studies. 

Health- Blood sugar or blood pressure could increase. Skin problems might occur in the right leg. 

Love life- You will get support from your love partner but there can be tension in your married life.

What to do? Give a bath to Lord Krishna with shankh (shell) water. 


For scorpions, time is in your favour. You might get lucky in terms of conceiving children or buying vehicles. There is no possibility of any kind of problem. You will get a chance to visit a religious place and to meet someone famous. For politicians, it is time to achieve success.

Profession- Your trade/business will excel. People doing jobs will receive appreciation.

Study- You will stay ahead of your peers in terms of education. 

Health- Drug or alcohol addicts could face serious issues. It is better to take appropriate rest. 

Love life- Singles could receive marriage proposals. Married ones will have a happy time. 

What to do? Offer honey to Lord Krishna. 



The beginning of the week will bring problems. You might have to deal with income issues.  The pressure will be reduced and troubles will end with the help of friends. Family disputes can also occur. Saturday will be the best day of the week. 

Profession- Problems can occur in trade or business. Officers could face dissatisfaction. 

Study- You will stay ahead in education, along with availability of optimum resources. 

Health- Toothache or gum problems could occur. You might also have to deal with gas issues or shoulder pain

Love life- You will get some good news from your love partner and support from your life partner.

What to do? Offer sweet food to Lord Krishna.


If you are suffering from mental stress, it will end this week. You will witness improvement in terms of income. Tuesday and Wednesday might bring some worries. Stalled work will gain momentum and get fulfilled soon. You might make new friends this week. 

Profession- Trade will move ahead at a fast pace. Chances of innovations in jobs are high. 

Study- You’ll get the opportunity to do better in terms of studies. 

Health- Cough or cold might occur. You might have to deal with pain in feet and heels. 

Love life- Marital proposals will be delayed for a while. 

What to do? Offer sandalwood to Lord Krishna.



Though the time is good you might carry the fear of the unknown.In terms of money, Thursday and Friday will be weak. You might face interruption in work and subordinates could bother you. Anger issues might come in the way. Better time will come on Saturday and you’ll feel happier. 

Profession- There may be increased responsibility in the job.

Study- Your interest in studies will deepen. You will also receive support from your teacher. 

Health- Discomfort can happen in terms of health. Toothache, gum problems or backache can occur. 

Love life- You might get marriage proposals. 

What to do? Offer honey to Lord Krishna. 


Transit of Mars and the Moon will help bring luck. Unnecessary problems may occur. Your travel will be auspicious and visitors can be expected. On Saturday, income will increase, along with a boom in work.

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Profession- You will get good news in your profession or job. Business trips will reap benefits.

Study- Unnecessary time will be lost and work might not be done on time.

Health- Urinary disorders, cold and cough problems may occur.

Love life- Stress will reduce from your love partner and happiness will come from your life partner.

What to do? Offer milk to Lord Krishna.

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