This week is quite interesting as it is both the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Let us, therefore, take a look at what the stars hold for us this week with the help of expert predictions by Astrologer Manish Sharma from Ujjain.


weekly horoscope

This week you will achieve some really great things. People will appreciate your efforts and the end of 2020 will be filled with happiness for you.  If you're doing a job then you might get a promotion. Apart from that, you can go through some stomach related problems therefore it is advisable to be careful about your health. Students will be rewarded and honuored in their class and bachelors may also get some proposals.


This week will be trouble-free for you. The income flow will be better this week and people in business will incur profits.  Not only that, but you will also gain the support of your seniors at work. Take care of your skin and gut health and express your feelings for someone you love.


weekly horoscope

This week could make you feel low due to financial difficulties do not expect anyone to come out in your support and you might feel like leaving your job.  Despite that people in business affairs would receive substantial gains. Students will also receive good results in the competitions you're preparing for. And you will have the support of your partner.


The beginning of this week can be troublesome for you initially you will be able to take it. Your job will get better and also your income will increase all you need to keep in mind is to be alert at the workplace and also generally. Students would not get the desired results in the competitions which will indeed sadden them. This week you can encounter skin problems, but your married life will reap happiness.


weekly horoscope

Along with happiness, this week will bring some troubles in your life too. Although your financial status will almost be unharmed you shall indulge in excessive wastage of money. Students will spend time with their friends, this week you can feel pain in the eyes, so be careful.


weekly horoscope

This week will be good for you all in all. If you are jobless you will get a job and those in business would gain exponentially. Your income would increase along

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all your stuck assets would be relieved this week. Students might lose a little interest in studies and lethargy will sweep in every day more and more.


You are going to gain a lot of monetary profit (how to save money efficiently)this week along with useful contacts. But be careful and think twice before investing your money. Students' efforts will sow seeds of success and you might face stomach-related problems and quarrels with your life partner.



You will see a lot of monetary benefits this week. New people you meet will make you financially stable. You will drive in more stability work wise too.  Apart from that, students will have to put in more effort to concentrate. Plus, you will get to spend more time with your partner this week.


weekly horoscope  

All your problems will vanish this week and will be replaced by numerous reasons to be happy.  It is possible that there might be clashes between your family members but sort them out peacefully.  Your love life will also be more responsive.


Problems are on their way to your life but the planetary positions might toll them out to some extent. One needs to be careful and attentive at the workplace and for students this week will help them focus more on their work. Love life would take a toll but married people will remain happy.


weekly horoscope

Do not expect help from anyone this week, it is better to do all your work on your own. You might get a job transfer this week. Students(unconventional career options for students) will be more inclined towards studies with the support of their teachers. There might be certain problems in the eyes and you might also receive proposals for marriage.

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The week will start off a good mote but there could arise some problems a day before the new year. Students will have their time wasted this week. Plus you might experience depression issues along with fights with your partner.

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