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  • Administrator
  • Editorial, 22 Jan 2022, 10:48 IST

Weekly Horoscope By Expert: 24 To 31 January 2022

Are stars aligned in your favour or not? Read on your weekly horoscope to know more. 
  • Administrator
  • Editorial, 22 Jan 2022, 10:48 IST
weekly horoscope aries pisces

As the new week is about to kickstart, here's what you need to get prepared for. Get an in-depth analysis from our astrologer, Pankaj Khanna, Chairman, Khanna Gems, and plan for the important days accordingly. 


Express your concepts light-heartedly and avoid probing too intensely, so that communications find healing solutions to old concerns.You need to keep a tight rein on your spending lest your budget shall go hire-wire


Dream big dreams but make sure you can actually do what you're planning.This is a week when time spent with loved ones will be necessary or invaluable. Those of you who are single may be drawn to someone, but test the waters gently if someone does appear.


gamini sign

Money shall be in plenty and some windfall gains are also possible.Highly energetic and productive, your daily agenda will be easily fulfilled this week. Can we see that smile of contented achievement at the end of the week?


There may be minor health problems and work or daily routines will not go as planned.This week be careful about financial decisions.You need to step back and take some time out for yourself. Perhaps something happened recently which you need to look at.Stars  are creating tension with  partners and close associates.


Financial discussions are best avoided, as agreement is difficult.Take a step back and assess the present hurdles regarding your aims. What are you physically putting in? What is this tension surrounding your expectations of those close to you and their efforts? Expect delays due to adjustments, discussions and decisions.


virgo sunsign

This is the time when being neutral turns the heat away from you. Being on the go and bending with the winds of change will see you progress. Your sweetheart may come up with a strange idea, but it is not as crazy as it first appears.


libra zodiac

Life shall go on smoothly but for a few problems here and there. Try to be more understanding and less demanding or else you shall have a tough time soothing your own ego.

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You face the limitations of your finances. Your wish list has high expectations.At work, your desire to know the true intentions of those close to you is intense. The need for stability and reliability takes the place of light-hearted fun.



There could be opportunities for sudden gains but it is not wise to enter into risky deals. You may suddenly find yourself dealing with conflict situations but by the end of the week everything shall be fine and you shall be able to relax.


This week you may decide to spend more money on spiritual or creative pursuits. Are you sure you know where you're going with regard to your professional life.Give attention to your nearest and dearest. Heed the call of family and give what they ask.


Decisions and choices are made. Your inspiration is financial motivation. Be wary of not listening to your love and masking your true intentions due to fears. Honesty will win - games will not.


It's a good time to share your thoughts with well-wishers. You may find it hard to avoid spending money on self-grooming and anyway, you deserve it! Be ready for a demand from your mate to update your living standard as well.

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