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Weekly Horoscope By Astro Expert: 20 To 26 May 2022

Get an in-depth analysis of your upcoming week from our expert. Take a look at what your weekly horoscope says.
Published -21 May 2022, 12:36 ISTUpdated -21 May 2022, 12:57 IST
  • Administrator
  • Editorial
  • Published -21 May 2022, 12:36 ISTUpdated -21 May 2022, 12:57 IST
may weekly horoscope main

As the new week is about to kickstart, here's what you need to get prepared for. Get an in-depth analysis from Astrologer and Gemologist, Mr. Pankaj Khanna, Founder and MD of Gem Selections, and plan for the important days accordingly. 


aries taurus weekly horoscope

You shall feel energetic most of the week. You'll focus on financial and business matters for increasing income. Stars are cheering you making results come in with less effort. People in authority will be easier to approach, but it is still wise to use caution. Subtle emotional appeals will work best.


Stars are bringing subconscious memories and feelings to the surface. Many of you will have heightened psychic senses during the next few days, so pay attention to your gut feelings and hunches. Dreams may be especially revealing


gemini cancer weekly horoscop

You may experience some friction with an associate concerning personal values or money; try not to let the anger of another intimidate you. This is a good week to spend some time listening to what others have to say, especially about the things they value. Your needs and how you get them met are also important. Pay attention to the ways in which you ensure your emotional survival.


Just when you think it is time to relax and unwind. You'll be feeling very sociable and may even find yourself chatting to complete strangers about their personal life. Falling asleep may be nearly impossible as your mind is always racing


It is important for you to be clear in your communications with others, even if you feel like others will not agree with you. It is better to be considered a renegade than to be considered dishonest. Speak up for what you believe in.


It should be easy to feel lighthearted and friendly. Take advantage of the positive vibes. Stars are urging you to pay more attention to health It's time to take care of yourself... no more greasy lunches eaten while you rush around in the car! Take the time to get plenty of fresh air, fresh foods, and exercise.


libra cancer weekly horoscope

Stars are urging you to find peace under your roof. No matter how much you need your independence or how badly you need to express yourself, everyone else you love has the same needs. You can all get along famously if you remember to respect each other's privacy and to give each other needed space.


Stars may force you into the public eye when you really need your privacy. Problems at home are likely to become common knowledge, no matter how hard you try to conceal them. At least this way, you may be able to get the help you need.


expert advice weekly horoscope may

You need to pay attention to matters on the home front. It may be very difficult for you to compromise and cooperate with those in your immediate circle, but you need to try to understand the needs and feelings of your family members. Even if you don't agree, you can still keep the peace.

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This week's focus will be on personal issues and you will find yourself increasingly involved with your home base. You will feel just about every emotion you can think of in regards to your home, family, and childhood, so get comfortable with this now


aquarius pisces weekly horoscope

Good fortune shall be yours. Those of you in sales will find your pitch is perfect for the next few weeks, so don't hold back. Unfortunately, your increase in cash will probably be equaled by your increased desire to spend. Don't give in to impulse buys.

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If you haven't been on a shopping spree yet, now is the time to do it. Hopefully, you have planned carefully and can afford the items that you desire and need, otherwise, you are at risk of running up personal credit cards. Only you can know what it is you truly need, so do not allow anyone else to make that judgment for you

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