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Weekly Horoscope By Astro Expert: 18 To 25 June 2022

Get an in-depth analysis of your upcoming week from our expert. Take a look at what your weekly horoscope says.
Published -18 Jun 2022, 13:02 ISTUpdated -18 Jun 2022, 13:38 IST
june weekly horoscope main

As the new week is about to kickstart, here's what you need to get prepared for. Get an in-depth analysis from Astrologer and Gemologist, Mr. Pankaj Khanna, Founder and MD of Gem Selections, and plan for the important days accordingly. 


aries taurus june weekly horoscope

On the professional front, your actions are under check. So you need to be more discreet about what you are doing. This is the best time to express your deepest emotions and hidden feeling to persons who matter. A female member of your family will offer the most understanding and sympathy. You  shall enjoy good health


june weekly horoscope

This week holds out hopes of large-scale improvement in many directions. You will at last be able to take lead and shape your circumstances for your betterment. You will be more egotistical and have to be on your guard against being too selfish.


gemini cancer june weekly horoscop

There's domestic tension in the air, so be careful. It won't take much for someone to lose their temper, even if it's over something that you consider to be totally trivial. The trouble is that you may unconsciously make the situation worse by winding this person up. If you want to have a row, then get it over with so you can move on to something else


You have a desire to succeed but progress and power do not come easily. There will be a lot of changes that you would like to make in your lifestyle and habits. Avoid unpleasant issues. You have immense confidence, growth, and expansion are assured.


 You tend to be more work conscious than usual, but, sadly, your suggestions may not be readily accepted. Making the best use of what you know will bring the best results. Caution is advised when spending, but you'll be very particular anyway. 


 This will be a happy and carefree week for you. You will be in a much better frame of mind. Life at home will be encouraging for you and your family members will be supportive of your measures. You will see many enjoyments in your social circle. There will be a leisurely pace. 


libra cancer june weekly horoscope

 You can push your colleagues for what you want now, but a diplomatic approach will put a pleasing veneer over your desires. Monetary status should get straightened and you could spend on your fancy desires. Progress is better than you imagine, so lighten up! In romance, both of you are likely to be on exactly the same wavelength.


 This week you shall enter into an alliance due to which your prospects of making good money suddenly increase. It shall be beneficial for you in the long run. You shall be  in an extravagant  mood  and  shall  indulge  yourself


sagittarius june weekly horoscope

Your mood, despite so much to do, is inward-looking, quiet, thought-filled, contemplative. You still have a host of commitments to honor though, as well as high expenses on all sides. This week you shall not be able to realize your full potential and talents. You are searching for fulfillment but you shall not be able to get it. 

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Networking is the key to getting a project up and running. Compromise a little and you can get people to do the job quicker. Working overtime on a project begins to pay off now, but unexpected expenditure is unavoidable. In romance, take the time to listen patiently.


aquarius pisces june weekly horoscope

Back off if you want to keep the relationship intact. You will meet new romantic partners through the company you keep. Make plans to attend group discussions or get together with friends who like to talk as much as you do. Social evenings at your place will be highly successful.

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Don't take sides if you wish to remain on good terms with both parties. Don't expect romantic encounters to be lasting. Don't let domestic problems interfere with your objectives. Loss or theft may occur if you are careless with your belongings.

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