Weekly Predictions By Astro Expert For 23rd to 29th April 2022

Are the stars in your favour or not? To learn more, read your weekly horoscope.

weekly predictions for april


Both professional activities and family life will show the results of the efforts you have been making and you can take life a lot easier now .Hard work does pay dividends. For you ,these will be rest, relaxation, joy in personal interactions and in family life. Do not let go completely as things could easily slide downhill.


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You are in a very cheerful ,positive ,forward looking frame of mind .You do a major overhaul of your clothes, appearances, assets, attitudes. Optimism and great faith in yourself make you feel much brighter and also help you make the right decisions and right moves.


A tremendous boost in energy and enthusiasm has you working hard ,making things happen .You concentrate on building up your own self esteem , balance, mental equipoise. You will be busy on the personal front, too and tact and charm again stand you in good stead


You make some necessary changes and they bring welcome results .But all changes, efforts ,even results will center around one thing –to generate income Money is totally the focus to cope with all the expenditure you need to incur .


You will widen the scope of your activities, build new relationships, strengthen and revitalize existing ones. All kinds of partnerships are favored. Personal interactions will be closer and more meaningful. at the professional level ties up leading to mutual gain in the future will be developing now.

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A demanding period lies ahead of you—demands on your time, effort, attention, purse strings. Expenses, will be huge, indeed ,and also your responsibilities. You could also need to spend on extended family and kin or perhaps give out soft loans to help them tide over.


You find things finally going your way. you’re so full of confidence and optimism that it could border on daring. You realize that decisions taken now will have a major impact on the way your life will shape in the future. You also realize the value of polishing up and enhancing your image—in your own eyes as well as of others .

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Lots of activity, lots of fun but also lots of spending some ups the week. Both professional interactions and a huge amount of socializing are definite., some upgrading and streamline of the office to add to the quality of life and to your efficiency and performance .you’re moving ahead now.


Your true potential shows a flowering that is beautiful to behold—both professionally in terms of work, efficiency and therefore results and in relationships of all kinds. It makes for great warmth , caring and sharing and above all,love


The money scene will continue to be good. What you’ll need to ensure is that your working relationships ,particularly with bosses/superiors are equally good. Tact and social finesse will be good weapons. You will need to have a degree of smoothness, tact and charm to do it well .And you do it with great verve and style



Goals and targets and the effort and sheer hard work needed to achieve them are on your mind . Success in money matters is likely also some improvement of the home. Domestic squabbles will also be resolved and solved amicably. Some outing is also on cards.


The value and importance of relationships will be your major concern. these will not only encompass the ties of family, domesticity and kinship but with different people and different levels too. it will make for some fine interactions and also help you realize your true potential—at work ,as a communicator ,as a friend. the problems of others will be dealt with sympathetically .You grow in stature.