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    Weekly Tarot Card Reading: 7th Nov To 14th Nov 2021

    Get an insight into the new week and plan for your important events using our weekly horoscope predictions.  
    • Jeevika Sharma
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    Published -05 Nov 2021, 17:27 ISTUpdated -08 Nov 2021, 14:13 IST
    Weekly Reading th Nov To th Nov

    We have just stepped into a new week and curious to know what does it have in store for us. Here we have a detailed tarot card reading for all zodiac signs. Get an in-depth analysis from our tarot card reader Jeevika Sharma and plan for the important days accordingly.


    You would find love and peace in your personal life this week. While in professional life, you would be able to build a good bond with people around you. You would even get the career opportunities which you were looking for.


    You might start an argument with someone in your professional life and even your personal life. You might cut off from people only to prove yourself right or to put yourself in a position of power. You would wait for them to come back and apologise to you. But, to your dismay no one would return.


    Gemini, you will enjoy a peaceful time as you are likely to achieve stability between your personal life and professional life this week. There is also a chance that you would gain professionally this week, as well.

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    This week will see you busy planning your next moves in some area of your life. There might be a few things which have not been disclosed to you. So, make sure that you try to get as much information from everyone as required.

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    Leo, there is a great chance this week that you would come to have some monetary gain. This path won’t be your bread earner but only a side stream of income which would bring you some extra money.


    You would have to see a difficult time dealing with your personal and your professional life this week. Things won’t go your way as easily as you would expect. You will have to put in a lot of effort to make things happen or for them to get done.

    Weekly leo predictions


    This week Libra, you would be under a lot of mental duress. Due to this you won’t have any surety about the actions to be taken and their desired outcome. Make sure that you observe everything closely before taking any action.

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    This week you will be looking at things with a moral lens and will accordingly take decisions in the situations in your life. These decisions will be beneficial for you and are likely to get you the financial growth you want.


    Throughout the week you will be busy planning for things in your life which would bring you professional growth. You have just the right plan prepared for you. So, make sure you follow it throughout.

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    Capricorn, there is a chance that you might come to notice some delay this week, in your life. Your payments could get delayed or could be paid in part only. In your personal life too you would see yourself to be at some distance from your partner.


    Aquarius, you might come to see this week turning into a disappointment for you. Heartbreak and betrayal is on the cards this week which will dramatically affect both your personal and your professional life.


    Throughout the week you would keep yourself occupied in observing everything that is happening around you. You would want to gain a control over things and make them turn your way. Getting things under your control will bring benefits to you.

    We hope you enjoyed reading this weekly prediction. For more such weekly tarot card readings, stay tuned! 

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