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19th to 26th November 2021: Weekly Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

Are stars aligned in your favour or not? Read on this week's horoscope to know more.  
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Published -21 Nov 2021, 10:20 ISTUpdated -21 Nov 2021, 10:57 IST
november astrology

Is there an urgent assignment or personal work that's keeping you worried? Are your relationships getting you worked up? Fret no more! Our astrologer Mr. Pankaj Khanna, Chairman, Gem Selections & Khanna Gems Group is here to guide you through this week. Read on to know more.


Keep your wits about you, because someone who is supposed to know all the answers really hasn't got a clue. This is probably a temporary phase, but that won't help you if you are given confusing or misleading information. If you're wise,you'll tactfully query anything that sounds wrong, just in case a mistake has been made.


zodiac sign taurus

Your thoughts and feelings work together. If you're chatting to a friend, you'll be both eloquent and interesting. Watch out if you're taking part in a negotiation or discussion, however, because although you'll be voluble, you'll also be much more subjective and emotional than you realize.


If you know that someone isn't feeling very well at the moment or they're going through a hard time, you'll rack your brains to think what you can do for them. However, it will be a very different story if you're expected to help this person or you feel coerced into doing it, because then you won't want to do it at all.


zodiac sign cancer

If you're supposed to be keeping something a secret you'd better take a vow of silence , otherwise you could be dismayed when you hear yourself blurting out the very thing you were supposed to shut up about. The fact is that you'll get carried away, especially if you're holding the floor in a conversation and want to carry on having everyone's attention. You will, but for all the wrong reasons


Stars give you renewed emotional strength. Some of these emotions may be overpowering, so try not to let yourself get carried away. On the positive side, you should be able to persuade others to your point of view with very little effort. Your charm and magnetism are strong.

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You may suddenly begin a new romance, or just as suddenly break off with a romantic partner. No one expects this, least of all you. Unusual or nontraditional romantic situations are in the mix, so if you throw caution to the wind, take a deep breath before you dive.


Take matters to a new level in coming days, or relationships, employment and other forms of personal interaction will likely fall away. You will greatly expand your personal, professional, and intellectual horizons. It's just the time for some home renovation.


zodiac sign scorpio

Money matters may be very important to you . Strong feelings about what you have and what you want may dominate, financial issues and the way you assign your priorities will affect your domestic environment.


You're making a very favourable impression on your boss or superiors , so keep up the good work. What's more, there's nothing contrived about this because you're feeling genuinely enthusiastic about what you're doing. If you've been trying to sort out a financial problem recently, especially if it's connected with red tape or your job, give it another go this week and you might finally make some headway.


This is a wonderful time to express yourself through the arts, whether you play an instrument, enjoy sketching, or work with pottery. Physical expression will also be uplifting, so put on some music and dance in your living room like no one is watching.


zodiac sign virgo

You may be frustrated in your attempts at pleasure, causing tension. This just may be one of those weeks when every time you try to relax and enjoy yourself, the bell rings and reality rears its ugly head. You may have to tend to business before pleasure. Take a few deep breaths and remember this too shall pass!


Good news! The accent is on your love life and creativity, and it looks as though there's plenty of enjoyment in the pipeline for you. Start by arranging some social activities so you've got something to look forward to. This is the perfect time to express your true self in some way, especially if it involves something arty, sporty or dramatic. This is no time to stand in the shadows - your place is in the limelight!

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We wish you a great week ahead! For more weekly horoscopes, stay tuned to HerZindagi!

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