The wedding scenario not just in India, but worldwide, has changed. From a restricted number of people to the list of precautions all guests, the bride and groom have to take care of, a lot has changed already. In the flow, the upcoming New Year, the most awaited year with a lot of hopes riding on it, the wedding scene too shall have a "new normal". I got in touch with experts --wedding planner Prerana Agarwal Saxena, Founder of Theme Weavers Designs and entertainment specialist, Nitin Arora, MD Katalyst Entertainment, who shared for the readers of HerZindagi, a few trends they see coming and what are the challenges they face when it comes to wedding planning.

Prerana told HerZindagi that "the pandemic has brought many industries, including the wedding industry down to its knees. As a result of restrictions on travel and invitees, we have seen the rise of virtual weddings. However, Indian weddings are all about the entire vibe; the lavishness, the touch and feel and emotions, which bind the whole wedding experience.


Here are a few things that Prerna feels the weddings in 2021 would look like!

Get Ready For The New Normal

new normal

We are pretty much getting used to the phrase "the new normal". While 2021 looks promising on the wedding front, we know there would definitely be more cautiousness. Since corona trends are likely to stay for longer than expected, we can see some important aspects being implemented in wedding planning. From gifting hand sanitizers to the guests to maintaining social distancing in seating arrangements, there will surely be certain much-needed changes as opposed to the wedding that we have seen last and early this year.

Destination Weddings

destination wed

Wedding plans did take a hiatus this year as the pandemic continued its global march. That said, we are hopeful that the wedding industry will bounce back again. With social distancing measures in place, destination weddings look pretty realistic. From palatial hotels to luxurious resorts, weddings in locations across India and Europe are going to be some of the top choices next year.

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The Challenges 

Necessity For Contingency Plans

One of the things that is sure to change in the wedding preps for 2021 is the need for flexible planners. Multiple plans keep the planners geared up for making any change as per the specific needs of the bride or groom even at the eleventh hour.

Prerna shared that "We need to be prepared with foolproof plans and a handful of them; each serving to particular needs and demands of the wedding. It is extremely crucial to have these backups up and running especially when there is unpredictability around government norms and restrictions."

Nitin Arora as well shared that "there is not just one but many challenges of planning a wedding during COVID. Because weddings are probably most uncertain from past 14, 15 years of our career. At times the government changes the norms, sometimes someone from the client's side is detected positive. Even artistes later turn out to be positive, so there is a lot of uncertainty planning a wedding in this Pandemic time."


Due to these reasons, "whatever, whoever enters the premises is usually or not, usually, it is always sanitized well. Whether it is something related to decorative items or related to sounds, mics that artistes are holding, are sanitized before their performances.

He also shared a situation at a Roka ceremony. 

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"Planning a Wedding in these Covid time is much more difficult because there is so much uncertainty. You have to cope up with everything. Like, we recently worked on a Roka ceremony and the artiste who was supposed to perform got Covid. So we had to prepare the entire scenario and plan another artist. And the same happened a few days ago in Goa. So we have to cope up with these tough times in every aspect, whether it is the artist, decor team, light and sound." 

So if you are getting married next year then keep safety in mind. Be careful with the number of people and plan a destination wedding which is a little more affordable with lesser number of people perhaps? 

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