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Ways To Make Your Living Room More Vibrant

Making modest adjustments to your living area can now add colour and vibrancy. Read on to know more!
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -26 May 2022, 16:03 ISTUpdated -26 May 2022, 16:01 IST
how to make living room colourful

Not everyone has the time or means to give their living area a complete facelift. However, there are some subtle and innovative ways to use colour to freshen up your room and make it feel like a complete makeover. To make your living space comfortable, you purchased a great couch, some ornamental pieces, a coffee table, and other items. However, it is also necessary to make it appealing. Adding a splash of vivid colours to the area might help it feel more alive. The goal is to keep it modest and not go overboard. Here are a few ideas for bringing extra colour into your space.

1. Add Mirror 

Large Mirror

Do you have a space in your living room? Then a large mirror should be placed here. Instead of silver or plain white, choose a frame with a brightly coloured frame. The mirror will stand out and become the focal point of your home with muted colours all around it. A mirror will also appear to expand the space.

2. Colored Cushions

Colored Cushions

Instead of selecting cushions with the same pattern and colour, experiment with mixing and matching. Choose bright, solid colours and alternate their placement. You can also cover your chairs and couch with a vividly coloured throw. A carpet is another excellent approach to brighten up the living area.

3. Brightly-Colored Bookcase 

Do some DIY painting on your bookcase if you have one. Choose a single vivid colour or a colour combination. You have the option of painting the entire bookcase, the shelves, or the back. Arrange books so that the most apparent areas have vibrant covers. To make the bookshelf more elegant, arrange mementoes on the shelves.

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4. Plants/ Lamp

Plants Lamp

Plants in the living room provide a new sense of the space. Choose indoor plants like succulents or lucky bamboo that don't require much water or care. Artificial plants are also available. If you don't like plants, put a lamp in one of the corners. Pick a large one in a copper or brightly coloured shade.

5. Contrast Wall Colours 

Another option is to use a very bright colour on one of the walls. Choose the primary wall, the one against which you've placed a couch. Consider using a pastel colour or a textured finish, but keep it lively. You can also pick contrast colours (How To Decorate A Small Living Room In Shades Of Blue) with the couch's colour. It could potentially be a darker tint than your other walls.

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6. Artwork 


In a living room, one large and colourful piece of art introduces colours and shapes to a large space. A collection of framed images with colourful matting and bright frames can achieve the same impression. When there are so many ways to enlarge and freshen your old artwork, there's no need to buy a new collection.

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7. Spread Rug

Colour Underfoot

An area rug warms up and softens a space. A large rug strategically placed in front of a chair or beneath a coffee table, on the other hand, adds colour and texture to a living room. Layer a contrasting-colour area rug on top of carpeting or simply over the hardwood flooring. If you have neutral-coloured carpeting, paint it to create a customised striped design.

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