Many times we push away our prince charming or knight in shining armour by breathing down their neck, not trusting them and much comes from our insecurities. Here is a list of what you have been doing which is making him back out: 

You Suffocate Him

The best way to drive him off, though, is to be extra suffocating. Calling him every day, asking him where he is at every moment,  getting angry if he doesn’t text you back, acting jealous whenever he talks to another woman, are some of the things that push him away from you.

You Talk Down To Him

talking down

If you’re not happy with something your man said or did, talk to him about it—kindly, clearly, respectfully. Don’t reprimand him like he’s a child.

You Don’t Ask For Help

It’s a strength to ask for help, not a weakness. Men can’t read your mind, so please be direct and ask him for help when you need it.

You Don’t Trust Him To Take Care Of Himself

Don’t be a martyr and take care of everything for your man, and then get mad at him for not taking care of himself. Trust that he’ll take care of himself, in his own way, on his timeline.

You Take His Advise But Do Not Respect It

You ask for his advice, and then insist on doing it your way. If you want a man’s advice, respect what he has to say. You don’t have to do everything he suggests, but if you disregard his opinion, that will drive him away.

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You Nag Him

Nagging doesn’t motivate anyone to do what you want. It’s annoying. Instead, make a clear request. Tell him what you want, why and when.

You Treat Him Like He Has No Feelings

It is just that some express them better than others. Acknowledge his feelings. Be patient with how he expresses them.

You Compare Him to Your Ex

He is not your ex. He is not the person who hurt you, cheated on you, or left you. Give him a chance to be seen and loved for who he is.

Quit Offering Free Advice

You offer advice for no reason. If he doesn’t ask for your opinion, don’t give it to him. If he wants your advice, he’ll ask. Really.

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