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    It's Good To Be A Kid! This Unfiltered Display Of Affection Is Winning The Internet

    See the heartwarming video of two kids hugging at a fest going viral!
    Published -16 Nov 2021, 12:07 ISTUpdated -16 Nov 2021, 15:57 IST
    hugging kids

    Being a kid is awesome, at all times, don’t we all agree? 

    When born, a kid is never sent with instructions or manuals, and here is a true depiction of the thought! 

    What’s Going Viral?

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    A video of two kids giving each other a heart-melting hug is going viral over the internet! 

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    Why Is It Going Viral?

    With kids, we see an unfiltered display of affection. There are no boundations of class, caste, or creed. That’s something a child hasn't been brought to light with as of them. 

    Being unaware of these norms that exist in our society, a child is seen hugging the other one as they play, meanwhile the other one is in for the hug too. 

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    It’s a sign of friendship and all the naiveness the two have. This is certainly something we need in today’s time. 

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    The Reaction 

    The video has about 36.7k views with 2.5k likes and 50 comments. The public has been showering them with likes and comments about the cuteness of the two little cuties in the frame and how they are in love with the unfiltered affection! 

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