Vastu Tips For Your Bedroom By Dr Puneet Chawla

By Kishori Sud20 Sep 2018, 18:44 IST

Everybody is stressed out and tensed these days which could be there due to several factors like work or relationships for that matter. Overall the peace in the house is gone.To help you calm it all down, Vastu Expert, Puneet Chawla, has given some suggestions:

1. Avoid South-East for your bedroom, The direction is a fire area. In vastu, South-East is dedicated to fire. Hence, you should only make your kitchen in this direction. 

2. Never store anything in your bed. Try not to get a box bed. why? because keeoing some old things in the bed makes the enrgies very stale. It gives a bad vibes, bad sense of energy. It will not make the environment fresh.

3. Get yourself a pure wooden bed not an iron and steel bed. When you sleep on an iron made bed, the iron content in the blood, repluses with the steel in the bed. This makes you unhealthy and your temper becomes high as well. 

4. Keep your bedroom neat and tidy and uncluttered to be precise. 

5. Decorate your room with pictures of couples. Reason being that what you see is what you get. If you see all positive around you then it rubs on you. Avoid keeping sad and abstract pictures in your bedroom. 

6. If you love keeping images of animals in your room then decorate your walls only with pctures which have two animals. Lke an image of two squirrels, a pair of birds.

7. Do not allow anybody to sit on your bed especially outsiders. Not your friendsor neighbours.Bedroom is a sacred place. It is to be used by the couple only. Zero out even your relatives.